August 27th, 2010 | Uncategorized

Gentlemen (and women), start your bluebooking!

OCS is up! Undergrads can officially begin to add classes to their Online Course Selection schedule.

And for most Yalies, that means finally discovering that every class on their shopping list meets during the exact same time slot.

  • grad ’10

    really? putting women in parentheses?
    i expect better yale, but maybe i shouldn’t.

  • CC’09

    Indeed: why was it too hard to use the stylistically unmarked “ladies and gentlemen”?

  • intelligent ’13

    It’s a play on the the traditional racing line “Gentlemen, start your engines.” Accounting for the presence of women in any way but the parenthetical used would have destroyed the effect.

  • Y10

    @#3- In that case, they should have picked a different headline. Though the YDN’s sexism has long been apparent to anyone who reads it, so we shouldn’t really be surprised that they chose, instead, to treat women as a parenthetical afterthought to the traditional glory of men in cars. (Especially since a simple google search reveals that it is popularly amended to “ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.”)