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Cross Campus 2.16.10

Sorry George and Abraham. The University did not observe the President’s Day holiday Monday because administrators prefer not to reschedule class days if they can help it, said Dean of Physical Resources and Planning John Meeske ’74. The only day off, besides regularly scheduled breaks, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which Yale began observing in 2002, in response to student pressure.

In observance of Fat Tuesday, though, Yale Dining is serving a special Mardis Gras-themed dinner, replete with chicken and sausage gumbo and barbecued shrimp and cheese grits.

As part of a $100 million budget cut, Dartmouth announced last week that it will be reinstituting a loan requirement of approximately $2,500 to $5,500 in the financial-aid packages of families with annual incomes above $75,000, starting with the class of 2015. Yale officials have pledged not to compromise financial aid.

Meanwhile, in Providence, R.I., Brown officials rejected recommendations to eliminate free newspaper subscriptions from its dining halls, The Brown Herald reported Friday. At Yale, administrative musings of eliminating The New York Times from dining halls were met with a chorus of student protest.

Spoofing the rallying cry to save The Times, a Facebook group called “Keep the Tables in Yale’s Dining Halls” had 59 members as of Monday night. The group jokingly claims the Yale College Council voted last week to support only using tables on Sunday. “The Yale Bubble is small enough as is,” the group’s description quips.

The race continues! An e-mail sent to all residential colleges revealed that Yale is currently in fifth place in the Ivy League and 181st place overall in RecycleMania, a national competition for college and university recycling programs.

Four aces. A team of Elis — Oosman Bashir ’10, Monika Weber GRD ’15, Evan Winter Morse GRD ’15 and Shu-Chun Weng GRD ’15 — qualified last week for finals in the American Contract Bridge League’s Collegiate Championship.

Speaking of four, the Crouch quadruplets from Danbury, Conn., who were accepted early to the class of 2014, visited campus Sunday and Monday. The family was featured on the front page of The New York Times in December.


1969 The Coeducation Planning Committee denies rumors that the start of coeducation will cut down on available housing for graduate students.

  • Fat Tuesday

    No traditional pancakes on the menu today? That’s sad.

  • hmm

    Yale will never do well in RecycleMania when the New Haven community relies on looting recycling carts for income.

  • Y’10

    Seriously? Students actually wanted the chaos that is caused by MLK day in shopping week each year?

  • mc12

    Don’t you think the use of the word “chaos” is a little strong? Having class on one day of reading week doesn’t create that much disruption. “Minor inconvenience” is probably a better phrase. The holiday is gaining in national importance and it’s nice to see Yale isn’t trailing popular sentiment.

  • Yale 08

    MLK day is the worst of our federal holidays.


    MLK was a man. We shouldn’t have holidays to men – Columbus, Washington/Lincoln, or MLK. No man is perfect, no man deserves a holiday.

  • Independence Day
  • @mc ’12

    Actually, it’s really problematic if you want to take a class that only meets on
    Friday… You have to register without ever getting to shop it.

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