February 9th, 2010 | Uncategorized

It’s gonna be a doozy

The National Weather Service warns that between eight and 13 inches of snow will likely fall late this evening and early tomorrow morning in New York and Connecticut. The agency issued a winter storm warning, urging residents to travel only in an emergency in the time between midnight tonight and 6 a.m. Thursday morning. (No word yet on whether that travel warning applies to walking up Science Hill for Wednesday classes.)

This morning, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. issued an on-street parking ban for all downtown New Haven streets, as well as all major thoroughfares throughout the city, to begin at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

  • HonorablePsycho

    Has anybody here ever played SimCity? If so, you probably know how pathetic and impotent an array of wind turbines really is.
    Almost every rational argument in this thread can be easily dismissed by the opposition as being biased, and indeed most “logical” arguments are simply post hoc rationalizations for our emotional biases. What are we dealing with here? I see a bunch of different mentalities at play: NIMBYism, green energy fetishim, and simple greed.
    If we really want to be rational about this, we would include all of the externalities in our calculations. For starters, how much carbon will actually be produced by the installation of these turbines? On the other hand, if the residents win, what are the alternatives?
    It’s easy to dismiss opposing views if you label the opposition, either implicitly or explicitly, and I’m here to tell everyone that both sides are legitimate, but maybe just misguided. The residents are not just a bunch of plaid-clad hicks bemoaning technological progress (I lived in Maine for many years) and the Yale investors aren’t just self-important, moneyed sociopaths (though Alan Michka made great points).
    Let’s agree that this isn’t a win-win solution unless we raise the level of our discourse, see both sides of the issue, and recognize that there are alternatives within the realm of alternative energy. I tip my hat to blueyes1119.
    To HighStreet2010, I appreciate that you’ve said what many others are probably thinking. It’s also a great example of how not to think, because the rhetoric of belittling the opposition with sarcasm is one of the lowest forms of argumentation. At least it’s a convenient way of avoiding a blatantly ad hominem attack.