January 15th, 2010 | Uncategorized

The Yale admissions video — it’s finally here!

Now that the Office of Admissions has premiered its new recruitment video, “That’s Why I Chose Yale,” live at the Whitney Humanities Center, the film has been uploaded to YouTube. Watch below.

  • whoa

    this is so embarrassing

  • a prof

    Very entertaining! But why so many references to unlimited food? Was Kelly Brownell consulted?

  • rowrow


  • ctyankee

    It is embarrassing. With all of Yale’s strengths and offerings – and hopes of becoming a stronger international presence – this is the best they can do?

  • Please don’t show this

    This video is embarrassing. Had I seen this before I came to Yale, I would definitely not be here.

    The beginning made me want to throw up and the video overall is WAAAYYY too artsy. Show this to incoming freshmen and “1 in 4, maybe more” will become “1 in 2, could be you”

  • TD ’10

    1) This is over produced.

    2) Will this really be shown to every prospective student? If so, Yale is about to get a lot more theatre majors.

    3) I don’t think I would have come to Yale if this is what I saw on my tour.

    4) This is a well-made video with extremely talented students.

  • youngalum

    I think the point is that they aren’t catering to stuffies to ctyankee. Everyone knows Yale offers a great education. Interviewing people in suits doesn’t persuade the best and the brightest to come, however.

  • Ancient Alum

    Embarrassing, indeed! I cringed in several places. Occasionally, the music is too loud for the voice. Minor point: at 4:30, a girl cannot pronounce the word library.

  • Samuel Bagg

    I enjoyed it quite a bit – congrats to everyone involved!

    I have to say, though… not everyone *gets* camp. Luckily it’s just an admissions video meant to go viral, and will probably be viewed mostly by people who also like this sort of thing?

  • ’12

    Makes me want to apply to yale all over again. Seriously, people. This is fun.

    You either hate it or love it I guess, and I think if I was a senior in high school, I’d be so excited by the energy, even if it is cheesy.

  • Disillusioned ’13…

    Proposal for re-naming: “Why NOT to choose Yale.”

    TD ’10 brings forward a great point — while the exceedingly tedious film seems to cover all the bases of activity at the college, it does so in an incredibly trivializing way. This is the case in the orchestra scene, especially (though, through the use of computerized strings, it represents the best intonation a Yale orchestra has demonstrated in years). The movie is a 17-minute advertisement for the school’s musical theater programs.

    I also agree with TD ’10 that had I seen this as an applicant, I would have never applied, much less enrolled. I genuinely fear that this production will affect the class of 2014’s composition; if it does, it will be very much for the worse.

  • student

    I love this! It’s cheesy but it is very entertaining and it certainly showcases a lot of impressive Yalie talent. I would have thought it was fun, artsy, and accessible when I was applying.

    I think it would probably be most effective if shown in conjunction with some more serious admissions material though…just to make sure that we appeal to a wide audience, not just the Youtube musical-appreciating crowd.

  • jackbauer

    TD ’10… this was OVER produced? Dude, it was made by Yale students for no money.

  • ugh

    Next year’s class is going to be devoid of any serious academic talent. What a huge sap on our prestige.

  • Piersonite

    The video is entertaining and shows how Yalies can have a laugh, but alone it won’t be the deciding factor in any person’s choice for university. Thankfully, there is substance behind the video and we all know how awesome Yale really is. This video is going to raise eyebrows and pique people’s curiosity, just like any piece of information or article about Yale, but nothing will be as decisive as actually visiting the campus and meeting the students. I know that is what won me over.

  • y09

    a musical? really, yale? a MUSICAL? i had to stop watching when the singing started.
    you have just lost the part of the application pool that has any taste.

  • seeking to be seen

    I loved it.

    But… based on our current/usual demographics there was a serious lack of Asian and Latino students. Where’s the diversity?

  • Jasper

    I was actually thinking the video was unrealistically diverse… most of Yale is still white. If anythign, there was MORE representation of minorities than on campus.

  • CC12

    People aren’t going to NOT choose Yale because of an admissions video. Admissions officers aren’t going to choose students based only on their interest in coming. So everyone who is so utterly concerned about how “our campus is going to be devoid of academic talent,” chill.

    I thought this was a very fun, entertaining, and creative venture to introduce Yale to students. I agree with #12, though, that we should juxtapose this with something more serious – a brochure of some sorts? – with facts and other handy details.

  • JE


  • Oh dear
  • @#13

    You could not be more wrong, my friend.

    This was a professional video made by students, backed by Yale with LOTS and LOTS of money.

    There were several professionals involved, just look at the carefully organized credits. They used a crane and had rolling dolly shots…you try to tell me this cost nothing? And the camera was huge!

  • bulldog09

    i think this video is wonderful: professionally done, catchy, and aware of its own campiness. it showcases the precise kind of vaguely histrionic energy that sets yale apart from many other ivy league schools. and it honestly distills a lot of yale’s academic and extracurricular fervor into a pretty digestible 16 minutes.

    that being said, this brand of schmaltz is clearly not going to appeal to everyone, and it shouldn’t matter that it doesn’t. the passion and talent behind it are clear; those who are understandably turned off by theatrics like this (or too full of “serious academic talent” to appreciate it) can find their inspiration elsewhere.

  • prof

    Frankly, I worry that many of our current students are plenty smart but short on creativity and humor. I doubt that one video will actually affect the application pool, but hey–if it does, all the better.

  • y10

    i loved this. now if only academics, like many of those who’ve posted above me, could find a sense of humor.

  • Viewer

    Here’s the thing: perhaps Yale’s most valuable asset — and that which gives it its cachet and gives it most of its notable character in the wider academic landscape — is its academic excellence. So it seems to me that to essentially ignore that in a recruiting video of any type is an enormous strategic error. (In terms of screentime, academic excellence here is basically treated as akin to the fact that Yale has theater groups. But the latter is true anywhere, while the former is what makes Yale so special.) So, if this video had been titled “So those are some other things you might have wanted to know about Yale, beyond its academic excellence”, it would have been a fun and novel success (though perhaps also a greater challenge to the lyricists). But as an argument for “choosing Yale”, it seems like a dangerous and misguided failure.

  • faq

    claire gordon stole the show

  • Nice job!

    This was very enjoyable, and I agree with #24. It showcased the vitality of the campus, which is already known for its academic prowess. It is one of many things made available to potential students as they consider their options.

  • Crimson

    This is the best recruiting ploy Harvard ever came up with!

  • Y’07

    I couldn’t agree more with y10 (#26). It is an extremely entertaining movie and very well done. Can people step back and not be critical for one moment and recognize the talent and creativity of this video and appreciate it for what it is worth?

  • LT

    Yale Admission’s Video Part II


  • BR’10

    Seriously – basically nothing of my experience at Yale was shown, and I do a ton of stuff.

    Well, eh, nah. There was one 5 second scene of the YPU, which was done with non-YPU people. Wonderful.

    Just because this campus has a fetish for a capella, theater and bad improv groups doesn’t mean that’s all Yale should promote.

  • ’12

    Wow. People really don’t have a sense of camp or modesty on campus these days. Just because we benefit from having an excellent academic tradition and some of the world’s best resources at our fingertips, it doesn’t mean that our admissions video has to focus on reminding people that. It’s meant to show that we aren’t afraid to take ourselves too seriously…like many people on this comment series are doing. Besides, admissions standards didn’t suddenly change after this video. The committee will still be looking for among the best and the brightest students.

  • ’11

    Why didn’t the video mention Yale’s prominent gay community?

    Oh, wait…

  • Admin 2010

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha….Clearly not what made me choose Yale. This video is just…well, lets say it lacks creativity and is soo “UNYALE”. But hey, “Yale” is a superior brand name on itself…:-)

  • grad student

    This video just conveys that Yale undergrads are over privileged, pampered brats at a playground for the wealthy and are puffed up about their own greatness.

  • hamburglar

    With all due respect, one thing is having and embracing sense of humor. But that doesn’t automatically make it funny or smart.

    Humor, even if simple, still has to be clever and maybe meaningful. I really don’t think this video was either of those things.

    It was like watching a disturbing horror movie. I was hoping this was all a set up for something funny, since it was so over the top cheesy. But my heart sunk as it began to dawn upon me that this was serious.

  • BoolaBoola

    This video will work wonders for our sports teams. I’m sure every coach will feature it prominently in their recruiting process.

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