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New Metro-North rail cars to arrive this fall

Three hundred new rail cars will be phased into the Metro-North New Haven line starting this fall.
Three hundred new rail cars will be phased into the Metro-North New Haven line starting this fall. Photo by Courtesy: ConnecticutDepartmentofTransportation.

Students could soon have a more luxurious ride from New Haven to New York on MTA Metro-North Railroad.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation has ordered 300 new rail cars from Kawasaki Railroad Inc. for the New Haven Line that state officials said will be a big upgrade from the current Metro-North trains, NBC Connecticut reported Thursday.

The new rail cars are currently being built, and the first completed models will be put on the tracks starting this fall. According to NBC Connecticut, Gov. M. Jodi Rell described the trains as “sleek, modern and high tech.” The cars offer increased legroom, larger bathrooms, two bicycle hooks per car, LED screens to display upcoming station stops and power outlets that will enable riders to charge laptops and cell phones during their commutes.

But the new trains are not without a price: the rail cars will cost $700 million in taxpayer dollars. In 2011, there will be a 1.25 percent cost increase for all Metro-North train tickets, and there will be an additional yearly 1 percent fare hike for six years after that, Jim Cameron, chairman of the CT Metro-North/Shoreline East Rail Commuter, told NBC Connecticut.

“That’s a small price to pay for a car like this,” Cameron said.

Watch WTNH’s footage of the new Kawasaki M-8 rail cars below.

  • Andy K

    Those fare hikes are a little lower than the inflation rate, no?

  • famous_seamus

    Perhaps someday we will see a day when a weekday northbound train will arrive within the majestic Elm City of New Haven prior to 7:46AM…..Much too late for an entire host of hardworking individuals who would otherwise be inclined to park their vehicles & take mass transit…..Alas, such potential ‘greenies’ will continue to be relegated to the low priority sidelines; awaiting for minds greater than theirs to effect public policy change…..Although, I could assure you, that they’ll not be wringing their hands over it. JMcH.

  • tjs

    im very happy theyre getting new cars.

    however, it’s pretty hilarious that the new cars look exactly the same as the old cars. hasn’t design changed / improved in the last 35 years?

  • The Count

    And wouldn’t it have been great if Transporttion Commissioner Joe Marie was there, too. After all, wasn’t he chosen to head the DOT because of his work in transit in Minnesota and Arizona? Does Joe Marie even know where New Haven IS?