December 21st, 2009 | News, University

Clark hearing put off until January

Raymond Clark III’s next appearance in court, which was scheduled for today, will be put off until Jan. 26 because not all of the materials in the case have been made available to lawyers, said his attorney, Beth Merkin.

The New Haven Superior Court clerk’s office confirmed that the court date for Clark, the Yale animal lab technician accused of murdering Annie Le GRD ’13, has been “formally” continued until Jan. 26.

Merkin said that all of the police records, lab reports, photographs and other evidence have not yet been collected. In this case, she said, it has taken longer than usual to compile all of the materials because there were four investigating agencies involved: the New Haven Police Department, the Yale Police Department, the Connecticut State Police and the FBI. But, she added, postponing a court date is not uncommon.

“The starting point is the lawyer to have discovery materials before we take any next step in any case,” she said.

The prosecution is in charge of obtaining the materials in question, Merkin said. John Waddock, the state prosecutor handling the case, declined to comment on the case specifically but said that, in general, once the prosecutor’s office obtains the materials, they are provided to the defense counsel.

Waddock did confirm that both sides agreed that the hearing should be postponed on Jan. 26.

Two New Haven criminal defense attorneys interviewed said it was not unusual to continue a case at a later date.

“It’s totally normal,” criminal defense attorney Paul Carty said.

Ira Grudberg ’55 LAW ’60, a trial lawyer, said postponing the date is not unusual, especially in a case “as serious and perhaps as complex” as Clark’s.

Clark could enter a plea on Jan. 26, Merkin said, and it would be “not guilty.” Merkin said that if the public defense team decides the prosecutors have a strong enough case, the defense would waive their right to a probable cause hearing.

Clark was arrested and charged with Le’s murder on Sept. 17. He is being held at the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield, Conn., on $3 million bond.

  • Michael

    Excellent, thorough — very helpful — story. Nature of “continuance” perhaps over-discussed, but, still very satisfying story.

    Might have used the occasion to reiterate Clark’s exact employment status (suspended, reportedly) with Yale.

    (BTW, whatever happened with fiancee’s DNA quest?)

  • Stephanie

    This case is going to take a couple years till its over.
    Jen did take the DNA Test no matches though.I believe she is an innocent bystander in all of this.

  • Casey

    If this case takes a couple of years to convict, then shame on our justice system. LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE! It makes me sick to my stomach that this bastard is even allowed the right to a lawyer. And this bastard has the strength left in his gut to also want to enter a not guilty plea? How much pain does he want to inflict? MONSTER!

  • joey

    A question please – What time was that exactly or thereabouts that Annie Le entered the Amistad building as she arrived from Sterling on Cedar street ?

    And what time was it that her card was last documented as swiped . As she entered the area where her dead body was found ?

    What time exactly did the alarm at Amistad go off ? And what was th eexplanation as to the cause of alarm ?

    Did anyone actually witness Miss Annie Le entering that area ? How about the several people entering before Clark entered ?

    Could someone have simply used her own card to gain access ?

    She was never spotted leaving by any camera that day. She was not spotted leaving for the alarm evacuation ?

    Problem with that place as in many others is the holding open of the door for just about anybody

  • capsulitis

    Sterling is a half block from Yale New Haven Hospital. It is located on Cedar street. She would walk west ,past the Congress avenue intersection. Past the deli /coffee house with tables on the corner.Two more blocks and she arrived at Amistad – I read the times before but have to search now, i recall a few time tables released by the police and press etc.

    There was a mugging at that intersection a few weeks prior to her murder.

    But i believe that deli was a ratboy posse hangout. Frequented by many from those buildings i suppose. But definitely heard a strange yet horrifying comment from a patron, not from the one and only ratboy clark but possibly a possum posse member

  • @4

    Put in a little effort and read the news from this fall. It’s all there.

  • Observer

    It’s scary that people are already convicting this guy without a trial. I doubt explaining why the evidence in the warrants doesn’t fully show guilt would do any good, because minds have already been made up.
    To Joey – I think they said she arrived around 10am. She scanned into G13 at 10:11am, a half hour before Ray did. I think the 10am time was based on the surveillance footage. There was a diagram of the basement lab in the article when the warrants were published (Dec 4th?). From the diagram, the lab room G13, and G22 (no explanation what room that was) are on opposites sides of a long hallway. They are at the ends of short hallways that run off the long hallway. That long hallway (I don’t know how many feet) connects to the area that leads to the locker room where her body was found. I’m just going by the diagram that online paper provided, so I don’t know if there was any other way her body could be moved without being seen.
    Alarm: different times have been indicated. Online articles said 12:40pm within days of Annie’s disappearance. The warrants say two different times. Ray was quoted as saying the fire alarm cleared the building between 1pm and 1:30pm. The police indicated in the warrant that they think it went off 1:55pm, but I’m not sure how they came to that conclusion.
    The warrant doesn’t say anything about other people seeing Annie. That doesn’t mean they didn’t see her. Since the warrant is meant to secure Ray’s arrest, I think they left that information out to build a case against him.
    The killer could have used Annie’s card to cover their tracks. The killer accessed G22, based on blood evidence in there, but we haven’t been told if that’s only accessible by staff, or if researchers can enter it.
    They said they couldn’t see her on the video surveillance leaving at any point that day.

  • Parker

    The alarm time of 1:55 was established, one can assume, from exit videotapes and return swipes.

    Annie’s card was not used after she entered G13.

    G22 is a room only accessible by card swipe. Only Raymond Clark swiped into that day.

  • joseph h

    And now a Christmas tip…

    Two New Haven Public Works employees were haranguing patrons at that deli. They were in an old white pick-up truck with the Public Works logo on the doors

    My hunch ( besides knowing Clark did it)

    Is these two are on film entering the building and were spotted in the building and doorman/security screwball don’t want to lose his/her/crackhead job

    One was with orange t-shirt , one had a blue union issue or regulation shirt on

    They were also asking where someone was going and what someone was doing.Someone that was at the Deli – They were informed the guy went into a building up the street, they must have guessed it was thatta way , towards Amistad.

    Surprised with hundreds of employees at Amistad and others that frequent the area that more has not come forward.

    AND as for jovin. – the PAC finance folks that reside on Livingston St.are employees of Yale and more so the Union.
    -They work at PHELLPS GATE and floors beyond/above.
    JEFFRY KRZMYNZSKY or something similar, everyone can see the PAC finance at a state of Ct. web site.

    That abode also houses –
    A kitchen worker -OF STERLING –

    the black /hispanic can be seen over on Livingston street with their kid,

    Merry Christmas – and to all


  • joe 2

    worker of Pierson – my bad.

  • Yo g

    Boyfriends are always #1 suspects in these crimes. Miss Jovins boyfriend severely resembles the sketch of bounding person of interest on Dec.3 ’98.
    Not surprised in this Annie Le case either. Strangely silent, no mention of whereabouts and ghost. perhaps not. Would’nt want to falsly accuse anyone.
    But Annie Le working more and walking more ? Hiding from her boyfriend perhaps
    -working up the nerve to ditch him.
    At first mention was cold feet, where did they get that from ? Her friends…

  • Observer

    @Yo g

    You’re right, it is interesting that they brought up cold feet. Perhaps that was before they talked in depth to the fiance? Sometimes where there’s smoke there’s fire.
    But I sense that her murderer was someone who was well acquainted with the lab and specifically with Ray Clark’s mannerisms. But, that is assuming, Ray Clark is the anal Green Pen monster we’ve been told. For all we know, he just happened to be using green that week. He had no problem switching to black later that day. We don’t know if his pen ran out (and someone pulled it out of the garbage), or if he left it on a desk, and someone picked it up there. Since his clothing (boots, possibly socks) and the pen were singled out by the killer for contamination or planting, then they must have been familiar with Clark, or maybe had a beef with him. Annie’s missing notebook should be a clue that this wasn’t just a spontaneous case of workplace rage, or a romance gone sour.

  • BC

    While I agree with many that Mr. Clark is probably guilty, he is certainly entitled to a fair trial by jury. I think after all this media coverage it will be hard for him to get a fair trial. This poster (Casey) needs to relax and learn the legal system.

  • Bezzy

    Oh, they just want him to be a free man after killing a little woman. He will be a man who can kill any one he would like to kill. And the people of Connecticut will allow him to do so. Bravo!!!

  • Casey

    @ #13

    I know about the legal system. Its corrupted. I’ve seen lawyers use the most rediculous things to defend cold blooded murderers and for what reason?… so they can get a pay check and a name in the lawyer business to get hired again. Murderers do not deserve the right to have anyone stand up in court for them to say a list of different “possibilities” that their client could be innocent. Thats just how I feel. Look at the evidence.

    Don’t worry. There is justice that never closes its eyes and never sleeps. God knows all of the truth.

  • 81

    This doesn’t load

  • 13

    Shame about the recording qual.