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Evangelist met by 100 student hecklers on Wall St.

Evangelist Jesse Morrell returned to campus today for a third straight day to preach about the sins and moral corruption of life at Yale. This time, however, a group of about 100 students gathered around Morrell and heckled him during his sermon, alternately laughing at his statements, asking him questions and taking photos and videos on cell phones.

Read more about Morrell from yesterday’s Cross Campus blog post, and watch video from his Wall St. sermon below:


    Yalies have too much time on their hands and are remarkably cruel.

  • anonymous

    I think what’s more cruel is preaching a message of HATE towards anyone who isn’t a close-minded, conservative.

  • student

    Oh wow. You’re so right. Yalies just don’t do anything productive. So unaccomplished. Yet this man, he’s really contributing to the betterment of society. A class act, for sure.

  • Lester

    This might sound silly in a world of f-bombs and soundbytes, but whatever happened to decency and propriety in public speech? Students have the right to attend classes unaccosted, and Mr. Morrell acted deplorably by attempting to viciously impose his fundamentalist conception of Christianity on others in an insulting matter. That being said, the way to silence hate speech is, in fact, not to shout some hate speech of your own. Yale students should know better.

  • Mahatma Gandhi

    “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  • Charles

    These guys thrive on attention. Google Brother Micah. This is exactly what they want – ignoring them is the best way to go.


    Pro 17:11 “An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.”

  • disappointed

    It’s great to see Yalies defending liberty and open-mindedness by…shouting someone down, mocking his beliefs, and heckling him. Yeah, Morrell is pretty out there and his speech is pretty hateful. But all of these hecklers would say they defend freedom of religion and speech. And none of them would mock someone for a mental illness. But with Morrell, somehow, we get to have our two minutes of hate.

  • Yale 08

    A full-time, professional nut comes to campus and I miss it? Dang it YDN, I want e-mail alerts when something this entertaining happens!


    I walked by the dude. I didn’t agree with him calling me a sinner.

    I walked on, and it didn’t affect my day. I’m right, he’s wrong. Whatever.

    Too many Yalies are too insecure with themselves that they have to – like a mob of cowards – heckle someone who would DARE to judge them.


    I don’t think it’s the judging that deserved the heckling, I’m pretty sure it was his insanity.

    I personal stayed because I was morbidly fascinated, never having seen anything like that at all in my life. Others may have had their own reason.

    And even if they are insecure, at least they’re not playing self-righteous on the internet because we didn’t respect some crazy man.

  • Perplexed

    I’m a bit confused by the comments here, compared to the comments on the article about the defacing of some political posters. In that thread, people were talking about freedom of speech. Hmmm.

  • Hey YDN

    Nice website coding

  • Too ridiculous…

    I still maintain this is a Pundits or Aliza Shvarts style performance piece. I know there are super christian crazies out there, but the extent and style of this particular wing-nuttery feels more like provocative satire to me.

  • ConcernedCalvinist

    Jesse Morrell is a heretic by all orthodox standards of Christianity. As an open-theist he denies God’s comprehensive knowledge of the future, he denies God’s sovereignty, and makes God out to be a confused child and man out to be the ultimate authority. He promotes works-righteousness (good deeds make you right with God and maintain that rightness.) Jesus Christ plus anything is a worthless, vain pursuit in philosophy.

    This man thrives on heckling because he has carefully crafted his own reality; where if he acts foolishly and brashly he can claim this as persecution for the cause of Christ. To quote Keith Green, “It [the Bible] doesn’t say blessed are you when you are obnoxious for the Lord.” If you guys at Yale want him to leave you should ignore him, any attention keeps him around. I do believe open-air preaching is a valid means of communicating the Gospel (or any other idea to be publicly engaged,) but the way Mr.Morrell carries himself is arrogant and foolish.

    For an orthodox presentation of what Mr.Morrell claims to be preaching (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) see:

    I do urge you all to repent and believe the Gospel, but not from the authority of Jesse’s god, but from the God of the Bible, who will judge all men according to His law. If you want to hear a Christian who actually knows what he is talking about; invite James White on campus ( He has debated Dan Barker on multiple occasions. I am certain he would welcome an invitation.

    In Christ, Cody

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