November 6th, 2009 | News, University

Clark documents will be released Thursday

Some court documents in the case of Raymond Clark III, who is charged with the murder of Annie Le GRD ’13, will be unsealed Thursday, a judge ruled today.

The documents will include most of the search and arrest warrant affidavits, which contain the evidence supporting Clark’s arrest. Certain material that the judge considers inflammatory, unfairly prejudicial or invasive of privacy will be redacted.

When released, the documents will reveal the fullest account to date of the investigation leading to Clark’s arrest and the evidence against him.

The ruling follows a motion led by the Hartford Courant, and subsequently joined by other news organizations, to unseal the documents, which have been withheld from the public since Clark’s arrest on Sept. 17.

Clark’s defense attorneys, as well as the state prosecutors, have argued that keeping the documents secret would help ensure a fair trial and respect the Le family’s privacy. The Courant’s lawyer, Paul Guggina, countered that releasing the documents would not compromise a future jury since so much information about the case has already been publicized.

In his ruling today, New Haven Superior Court Judge Roland Fasano nodded to both sides. While he said Clark’s right to a fair trial takes precedent, the bulk of the information in the documents would not jeopardize that if released.

“Clearly a blanket sealing of the affidavits, under the circumstances here, would not be appropriate,” he wrote. “However, there are limited portions of the arrest and search warrant affidavits that support a finding of an overriding interest in non-disclosure.”

Those portions can be removed without compromising the remainder of the documents, he added. The justifications for each redaction will be specified under seal, he said, but not publicized because doing so would effectively release the information in question.

After Le’s body was found hidden behind a wall in the basement of the Yale research building at 10 Amistad St., Clark, a Yale animal lab technician, was arrested on Sept. 17 and charged with her murder. He is being held at the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield, Conn., on $3 million bond.

Clark is due back in court Dec. 21.

  • septcasey

    They arrested him 1 day after getting his DNA, right? What is taking so long to bring this to trial? The process is too lengthy. If Clark isn’t going to talk, let the evidence talk for him. From what I heard on the news, he is as guilty as it gets. My guess is he is just trying to get as much special treatment as possible before a real trial comes. I just wish the legal system would stop granting him more time and bring this to trial already. Show the evidence, give the verdict, sentence him AND BE DONE WITH IT! Its time for some closure.

  • germanicus

    The last i heard from a news station was the lab was still working on the blood work. So he was arrested before any results came in . The court WILL disclose the documents and info this thursday.

    Sounds like the police are piling on the crap in the report. Perhaps they have to sift thru much personal opinion and ad-lib malarkey that is in these reports.

    The family ,friends, university and general public would hate to see this guy let go for lack of evidence. But would hate to see an innocent person imprisoned for this.

    Love to talk to the lady who saw the middle to old age gentleman leaving the building at Amistad on that day. With a blood stain on his shirt

  • @ germanicus

    “middle to old age gentleman?” Citation or just bullcarp.

    “She described the man as being white and of “medium build.” He wore glasses and had reddish brown hair.”

    NO mention of age whatsoever. Don’t try to muddy things with speculation, especially erroneous speculation.

  • Germanicus 2

    I did’nt see that at the independent .
    At the New Haven Register i believe it was. It was mentioned the man was of middle age, it did’nt say medium build but middle age.

    No mention of hair or size, is that delirium on your part ?

    Also mentioned was a stain resembling blood ( or ketchup)

    Maybe i’m wrong, but i wish she or he who spotted this person would come on-line and straighten it out

  • @germanicus 2

    Dude, then give the citation (you won’t because you can’t); w/o citation, your comment is null.

    As for “delirium” on my part, *I* gave the citation: read it yourself, ignoramus.

    Maybe you got your “info” from someone else’s speculation on a chatboard… yeah, THAT makes sense.

  • Germanicus 3

    you sound like a very nervous person.
    Have you been questioned of late ? Why are you so afraid ? Are you an employee of Amistad ? Been around for a good ten years have you ?
    In your fear you did’nt read your own “citation” read the article and posting first before flying off the handle

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