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Cross Campus 10.30.09

Trick or treating for Unicef. Yalies, at least one of whom was clad in a Unicef-box-shaped costume, stood outside Blue State Coffee on Wall Street and the Davenport Theater (where “Bite Me Baby, One More Time: A Twilight Musical” is showing this weekend) Thursday, collecting money for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, which has provided emergency food and health care to children worldwide since 1946.

The Silli-haunting. Silliman College’s annual haunted house, touted as Yale’s largest, drew hundreds of students

Thursday night. Less than a decade old, the event featured student actors performing in Silliman’s basement.

God Quad for ping-pong. The Branford party suite held a pregame Thursday for the college’s intramural ping-pong match against Ezra Stiles later that night. The e-mail advertisement promised Branfordians that “instead of opening diplomatic relations with Ezra Stiles, we will be crushing them and intimidating them, making them cry and feel worse about themselves.” Despite Branford’s efforts, Stiles won the match.

In other IM news, a three-way tennis tie among Berkeley, Pierson and Timothy Dwight will be decided Friday with a coin toss. The college whose coin is not like the other two will qualify for the playoffs.

El Día de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, will be celebrated Sunday at the Latino Cultural center on Crown Street. On the holiday, which originated in Mexico, families pray for and remember deceased relatives and friends. At 7:30 p.m. Sunday, students will walk, carrying candles from Dwight Hall to La Casa.

Provost Peter Salovey, in a video message posted on Yale Hillel’s Web site, invited students to attend Sabbath dinners tonight in the residential colleges. “It will be delicious,” he promised.

Sleep an extra hour. Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday. At 2 a.m. on Nov. 1, the time falls back to 1 a.m.

Cupcakes and costumes. The Cupcake Truck, a mobile bakery that stops at various locations around New Haven, reminded customers about its upcoming costume contest on its blog Thursday. Costumed consumers who show up to the truck on Friday or Saturday have the chance to win 31 cupcakes. The truckers asked, however, that candidates leave their masks at home.

This day in Yale history

1970 The Yale Co-op raised prices, eliciting campuswide rumblings that it was a “cooperative in name only.”

  • Elihu

    “At 7:30 p.m. Sunday, students will walk, carrying candles from Dwight Hall to La Casa.”

    But are they actually going to pray for the dead?

    Or are is this just some trendy cultural affectation?

    At Yale, it’s not hard to guess which it is…

  • -

    Actually, Day of the Dead is not just a Mexican holiday. It is celebrated throughout Central America and even in Brazil.

    To Elihu: today, the celebration is not so much about praying for the dead, but more of a cultural celebration in all these countries. People have big reunions with a lot of food, there are some festivals, people fly kites, and prepare special dishes for this day.

    So it is not a trendy cultural affectation, but a celebration of the cultures of our countries that, at Yale, has been done for various years now.

  • not all is as it seems

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  • reality


    You are clueless.

    It’s All Saints and All Souls Day rolled into one.

    It’s a friggin Catholic holy day.

    Prayer is the key element.

    Yale is retarded.


    It’s not #2’s fault. In my public school, I learned about El Dia de Los Muertos without my teacher ever once mentioning All Saints Day and All Souls Day. After all, how else could they get us to celebrate The Day of the Dead in class without us realizing that we’re really participating in a very religiously-based celebration?

    But yes. Yale is retarded.

  • Y10

    I am an atheist, but on December 25th I will be eating yummy food, sharing presents and watching cheesy movies with my friends and family. For me, Christmas is a way to celebrate a long tradition of familial love and togetherness. It’s not lack of prayer alone that makes something a “trendy cultural affectation.” This celebration del Dia de lost Muertos can still have real value to some people, even if they’re not praying.