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Cross Campus 10.16.09

Already? Yale saw its first snowfall Thursday evening. Thursday was also the coldest day of the school year so far. Get ready for five more months of winter!

Hair-raising issues. Postdoctoral fellow Nick Aberle is urging Provost Peter Salovey to regrow his mustache in the month of November (“Movember”) to “raise awareness of men’s health issues, in particular, prostate cancer.” The practice comes from Australia, where family and friends sponsor participants’ “Mos” annually. “I am hoping to also get the Yale Daily News involved,” he wrote, “as they seem particularly obsessed with the state of your facial hair.”

Safeguard your valuables: Davenport has been hit by two laptop burglaries this semester. An e-mail from Master Richard Schottenfeld on Thursday gave various safety tips, even advising students how to open first-floor windows safely.

Opposite-sex evening companions should use gender-appropriate bathrooms, Ezra Stiles Dean Jennifer Wood said in an e-mail to all Stilesians on Thursday. She noted that gender is a “fluid social construction and all, but you get the idea.” She added, “I’ll just leave it at that so as to avoid showing up in Cross Campus!”

I like Mike. Mike Farrell, star of “M*A*S*H” and “Providence,” will be at the Yale Bookstore at 6 p.m. today to sign his new memoir, “Of Mule and Man.” The memoir chronicles Farrell’s experiences on his book tour for “Just Call Me Mike.”

Hot stuff. Central heating systems all around campus were turned on Thursday. Which came first, the snow or the heat?

Darn weather. A Facebook message Thursday rescheduled the county-fair-themed freshman class barbecue, which was to take place tomorrow, due to inclement weather. The barbecue will now take place Sunday, Oct. 25.

Celebrating 40 years. Afro-American Cultural Center performance groups and alumni bring Black Yale history to life on the stage of SSS 114 at 8:30 tonight. The performance is titled “Still on the Journey.”

Get lost in outer space. Modern Love returns tonight at Partner’s Café at 365 Crown St. “Galactic attire” is requested.

This day in Yale history

1961 The Yale Band and the Yale Record called a truce after the band returned the Record’s two stuffed animals, G. Raff and Muzzy Owl. The week-long hostage situation ended with no hard feelings, “exceedingly high-placed officials” on both sides said.

  • BR 10

    Wait…how come Stiles gets “gender appropriate” bathrooms but the rest of us don’t? Now that a Yale official has acknowledged that sharing is awkward, can I make all the boys pee on their own seat somewhere else?

  • another BR

    Re: BR10
    I think they mean that the bathroom on a women’s floor should be considered a women-only BR and soforth

  • yale 08

    I always get a good laugh from the “gender is a social construct” folks.

    I wish I could delude myself like that.

  • BR 10

    It just seems silly to me that visitors in one college have to go to another floor to go pee when the rest of us have to share with a mix of other men and women on a daily basis. Grow up and deal with it folks. Though it would be nice if the boys stopped peeing on the seat. Seriously, you’re not five anymore.

    Also, it is embarrassing that a Yale Dean would profess that gender-identity is a social construct when research suggests otherwise. The case of David Reimer is particularly good evidence that some sense of gender is innate.

  • Goldie ’08

    Yale students go to partners now? What a crappy bar. Also, I once went in there as a straight guy, and they kicked me out saying “You shouldn’t be in here.”


  • @ Goldie ’08

    Trust me Goldie, they were protecting you.

  • hubris

    Having spoken out in favor of an overhaul of spring fling (SF) in conjunction with the student activities fee two years ago, I am aware that the subject is not a very politically safe one to tackle, to say the least. Therefore, I would be extremely (yet, positively) surprised to see any candidates tackling the issue. I hope I am proved wrong.

    I would also like to note that the Student Activities Fee (SAF) was raised this past year (why? by whom?) from $50 to $75 which undoubtedly contributes to the record gargantuan budget of this year’s fling. I wonder if that raise was in response to an increased percentage of students who opt out of the fee (I lack the data on this one; this is only my perception/intuition).

    Michael’s and Leah’s arguments above are valid. But unfortunately, given that SF takes up such a large part of the YCC’s budget, it seems to me that a student’s decision of whether to opt out or not from the SAF boils down to whether they appreciate SF or not. For that reason, I agree with Leah that YCC should divert more of its attention (and its budget) towards other things, and I would settle with what Michael suggest: that we would not have a fling anymore as we know it. It could be a step forward in campus culture.