October 6th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Raymond Clark III appears in court

The man accused of murdering Annie Le GRD ’13, Raymond Clark III, appeared in Connecticut Superior Court on Church St. for under 10 minutes this morning. During the short hearing Judge Roland Fasano scheduled a tentative hearing of probable cause for Oct. 20 at which time the court will also hear motions regarding the sealing of the warrants in the case.

No plea was entered during the appearance, though the court granted the lawyer for the Hartford Courant, Paul Guggina, the motion to intervene.

  • Casey

    So the suspect goes back to tv, 3 meals a day and yoga lessons until the 20th. Whats next? Vacations to disney world for charged suspects?

    I really hope this case is closed and justice is done soon. Its not like this is a case where they have no evidence. They have found DNA that led to an arrest. They have a mountain of evidence from the crime scene. Is this guy even aware of what they have on him? Obviously not.

  • Jerry

    I feel he is holding back the truth…it is sad to see the consequence of an unrequited love that may have been caused by selfish flirting on the job can bring about…sad…

  • Linda

    To #2 Jerry: You have no proof that “selfish flirting on the job” caused an “unrequited love.” In fact, interviews of Annie Le’s friends say that she was not a flirt. To make false assumptions without facts or evidence is to murder her reputation, along with her body. Has this girl and her family not suffered enough? Please be considerate in your comments and wait for facts before making assumptions.

  • pineapple

    Linda, It’s pretty clear Jerry was referring to Clark, not Le, as the flirt, no?

  • Tabatha

    No, Pineapple, I believe Linda got it right the first time. “Selfish flirting” was clearly directed at the late-Annie Le.