September 23rd, 2009 | Uncategorized

Lab tech’s ex-girlfriend says he was ‘controlling’

Jessica Del Rocco, the high school girlfriend of Raymond Clark III the man arrested in the killing of Annie Le GRD ’13, said that Clark was controlling and “physical” with her that she notified the police when she was breaking up with him.

Del Rocco, who dated Clark when she was 16, gave an interview with Diane Sawyer this morning on “Good Morning America.”

She said he was an ideal boyfriend at the beginning.

“At first he was perfect,” she said. “He was charming, he was sweet, he took me out.”

About three months into their relationship he became “controlling,” she said, telling her what to do such as how to speak, where to go and what to wear.

As the relationship went on Del Rocco said she began to see Clark’s temper and anger more frequently.

“If things didn’t go his way then he’d make them go his way,” she said.

When Del Rocco told Clark she wanted to break up with him, she said he resisted and “an incident occurred.” She declined to comment further. After their relationship had ended, she had a police escort take her from her school to her car for about two weeks, she said.

  • Troubling

    It is unfortunate that the “incident” that Del Rocco alludes to was not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Had it been, it is possible that Clark’s background check would not have been clean, and he might not have gotten the job at Yale in the first place.

    This is the problem with victims in interpersonal disputes declining to assist prosecutors. Violence and sexual assault are CRIMINAL, not just CIVIL offenses. You may no longer want to press charges against J. Doe, but it might well be in the state’s interest to prosecute such cases. Obviously, without you as the witness, the state can’t hope to win its case, which is why the victims have so much power to halt prosecution.