September 10th, 2009 | Uncategorized

As if the Yale Police were not busy enough…

A former Yale employee with a gun was arrested in a privately owned parking lot at 191 Whitney Ave. this afternoon, according to an e-mail from Yale University Police Chief James Perrotti. The YPD got a tip about the man from someone pressing a blue phone, and officers arrived within one minute and detained the man.

  • Ray

    The story did not indicate whether the individual was licensed to carry the firearm or not. If he was, what were the grounds for arrest?

    I’m less worried about a former employee with a gun than I am about the gangs of youth on bikes who continually assault and rob students near the medical school.


    I too am confused as to what the actual crime was for which this person was arrested.

  • ES

    Chief Perrotti’s email said the call they got was about a suspicious package, which makes things even more incomprehensible….