August 27th, 2008 | Uncategorized

Someone’s missing from this picture…


The Connecticut delegation posed for a group photograph at the Marriott Tech Center following breakfast this morning. Can you spot who’s missing?

By Thomas Kaplan

DENVER, 10:48 a.m. — After they had breakfast at their hotel this morning, members of the Connecticut delegation to the Democratic National Convention migrated toward the lobby to take what Senator Christopher J. Dodd called “a family picture.”

Absent, of course, was one of the elder statesmen of that family: Senator Joseph I. Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67, who will speak at the Republican National Convention next week. I couldn’t resist asking Dodd whether he missed his old Senate pal.

“Yeah!” Dodd told me. “I do. I wish he were here.”

Others, however, do not. “If he showed his face,” a Texas delegate told The New York Times yesterday, “he’d have to leave town in the back of a trunk.”

  • NighTalon

    Pretty incredible artwork, I would say. This goes above vandalism since it’s pleasant and uplifting to look at.

    The problem with street art, though, is: where does the buck stop? What if this artist creates something that the community isn’t pleased with?

    Yale should formalize and embrace this process rather than repress it. I’m not sure which they’re doing. If the administration is considering police action, they’ll regret it: they’ll just instigate imitators.

    If they form a committee with an application process or designate certain spaces as open for street art, they will reap the benefits and improve the campus’s image for prospective students to boot.

    The ball is in the administration’s court…let’s hope they don’t drop it! This guy’s art should be treated as treasure and thus shouldn’t recklessly be thrown away!