Standing on Class Day — for peace

May 24, 2008
We are two Yale seniors against the war. We will graduate in the year 2008, the fifth year of the conflict in Iraq. Like many of our fellow Yalies, we ended our high school years with an energy and determination to speak out against a war that we considered unjust. We both went to marches, »

Johnston misjudges Great Society’s strides

April 4, 2008
A commonly held misperception regards the social policy solutions implemented by President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society as unsuccessful. Johnson’s failure allegedly proved that the liberal vision of a government that takes responsibility for the well being of its people wasn’t realistic. As Peter Johnston put it in his column Wednesday (“In liberal circles, Great Society »

Wider campus footprint demands transit overhaul

October 24, 2007
In forums beginning tonight, Yale College students will be given the opportunity to discuss the possible creation of two new residential colleges. Together, the colleges would significantly increase the size of the student body — to 6,000. There are a number of issues that administrators will discuss, particularly whether Yale needs to be expanded in »

Marginalization encourages violent crimes

October 2, 2007
On Saturday night, my friend and I decided to walk to the shore — a two-mile walk from our off-campus apartments. On Howard Street, a few blocks past the Yale-New Haven Hospital, we were mugged and then assaulted by a group of 14- and 15-year-olds who inflicted a slash across my face and then escaped »

Yale must step up to the plate on aid issues

November 9, 2004
Last month, the Undergraduate Organizing Committee (UOC) conducted interviews with over 300 undergraduates on the subject of financial aid. We talked to students from highly varied backgrounds, canvassing rooms randomly in all the residential colleges to ask the opinions of students both on financial aid and without monetary help from Yale. I certainly heard a »