The sad reality of Yale’s political dialogue

October 18, 2005
I was talking with a friend of mine, a Yale student, a little judgmental, fancies herself a journalist. We were talking about the YPU, and she told me the following: “The YPU seems to be a little silly, kinda goofy. They’re eccentric, and the politics seem to me to be fetishized in the procedures and »

Innocent until the media chimes in

September 21, 2005
In Season Two of Dave Chappelle’s “Chappelle’s Show,” one skit begins with him in bed with a woman. It narrates: “You’ve just met that special someone, and you’re letting your desire for each other take you to incredible heights. But these days, you can never be too sure whether or not they’re going to dispute »

On Katrina, look at broader picture

September 9, 2005
In the hopes of implying an intuitive connection, many have been quick to couple the government’s pathetic response to Hurricane Katrina with the fact that most victims of the hurricane were poor people and African-Americans. Yet, the existence alone of these two facts does not justify calling the relief effort racist, or even morally callous, »