For grad students, a grim job market

April 23, 2010
Tommaso Gazzarri GRD ’10 is a bestselling author in his native Italy. His translation and commentary on Seneca’s “De brevitate vitae” is the second-best seller (behind only St. Thomas Aquinas’ “Summa Theologica”) in the Classics section of the Internet Bookshop Italia. He is also in talks to write a second book for Arnoldo Mondadori, the »

Peabody hosts would-be treasure hunters

April 16, 2010
Seven-year-old Zachary Jones came to the Peabody Museum of Natural History on Thursday afternoon with a dead turtle in a hot and sour soup container, hoping he had discovered a new species. “Who knows,” said his mother, Christine Jones. But Zachary would have to wait until another day to find out because “the turtle guy »

A dog is a master’s best friend

April 16, 2010
Ezra Stiles College has gotten a little noisier lately. Since Master Stephen Pitti brought home a 13-month-old black Labrador named Aqua, the college courtyard often echoes with the yips of the rambunctious puppy playing in the grass. While students are banned from having animals on campus, the pets of college masters and deans fill the »

British official: Sustainability adds up

April 14, 2010
Before about 60 people at Kroon Hall on Tuesday, David MacKay, the chief scientist for Britain’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, outlined his plan to reduce global energy consumption to sustainable levels. MacKay said focusing on just reducing energy consumption will not significantly slow down climate change, but by focusing on creating alternative energy »
The No. 4 coed sailing team took third place at the Friis-Marchiando Team Race on Mystic Lake on Sunday.

SAILING | Coeds take third

April 13, 2010
Both the coed and women’s sailing teams rounded out their regular seasons strongly this weekend as both placed well in their regattas. The No. 4 coed Elis placed third at the Friis-Marchiando Team Race, second at the Team Race B Level, and 12th at the New London Invitational. The No. 7 women finished fourth at »

Students target global problems, locally

April 12, 2010
A group of college students can build credit systems, provide health care and supply clean water to a Honduran village, Global Brigades CEO Steve Atamian said at a Branford College Master’s Tea on Friday. Atamian discussed the ability of Global Brigades — the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization — to allow »
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Elis say going steady can be rocky

February 12, 2010
For many Yalies, stable, fulfilling relationships are the stuff of myth — Sisyphean feats often frustrated by the reality of time constraints, Yale’s purported hookup culture and uncommunicative classmates leaving single Yalies disappointed. Logan Levkoff, a sexologist and relationship expert, identified the hookup culture as the path of least resistance: “If there’s no real incentive »
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For Yale, money woes nothing new

February 4, 2010
When Jack Allen ’74 sat down in the winter of 1973 to write his senior thesis, his Silliman College room lacked what many current Yalies take for granted: heat. Allen tried to keep the room warm by burning wood in the fireplace, but the room stayed cold. “I always blamed that fireplace as a reason »
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A tradition of their own, 37 years and counting

November 20, 2009
For many Yalies, The Game is an annual opportunity to release anti-Crimson vitriol, brag about superior parties and generally berate Yale’s longtime rival in Cambridge. But Richard Sperry ’68 and Roger Cheever, Harvard class of 1967, have overcome this famed rivalry: This year marks their 37th consecutive joint attendance of The Game. Although both attended »

Developers seek to allay concerns about Shartenberg

September 24, 2008
A representative from the company developing the site of the former Shartenberg department store sought to allay city residents’ concerns about financing, construction noise and traffic flow at a downtown community meeting organized by the city Tuesday night. During a presentation and question-and-answer session, Sara Bronin, legal and developmental consultant on the project for Becker »