Spring Fling planning affected by tight budget

October 28, 2014 • 0
In planning for the University’s largest party, student organizers are facing tight costs and tough decisions.

UWC lifts time limits for complaints

October 21, 2014 • 0
Starting this month, students and faculty members seeking to bring a complaint to the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct will be able to do so even years after the alleged incident.

Yale incorporates new laws in sexual misconduct policy

October 17, 2014 • 0
As college campuses nationwide adapt their policies on sexual misconduct to new federal and state legislation, Yale is working to incorporate the new guidelines into an already established network of resources.

Chemistry renovations met with mixed reviews

October 16, 2014 • 0
Seventeen months after renovations on Sterling Chemistry Laboratory began, students and faculty are still dealing with the effects of working alongside a major construction site.

Ebola researchers will not sequester themselves

October 13, 2014 • 0
After returning from conducting Ebola research in Liberia, the two Yale public health students who had previously agreed to sequester themselves have reversed their decision.

YCC student advising plan remains in flux

October 9, 2014 • 0
A new effort to connect underclassmen and upperclassmen within academic departments is facing implicit opposition by faculty members.

Student groups push to improve sexual climate

October 6, 2014 • 0
Over the past two weeks, student groups have come together to improve Yale’s sexual climate.

YCC forms sexual health task force

October 2, 2014 • 0
As sexual climates at universities have come under national scrutiny, the Yale College Council has shifted its attention to the issue.

Attorney arrested at Criterion sues city

October 1, 2014 • 0
An immigration attorney who was arrested two years ago for bringing a firearm into the Criterion Cinemas movie theater has filed a lawsuit against the City of New Haven and Police Chief Dean Esserman, alleging false arrest and police misconduct.

OCS hosts STEM industry nights

September 25, 2014 • 0
Last week, over 400 students attended two industry nights that brought STEM companies to campus to meet with and recruit students.

Bio modules cause scheduling frustration

September 12, 2014 • 0
Two years after a sequence of half-semester introductory courses first replaced each biology department’s individual introductory courses, faculty are still ironing out the details.
The study’s findings indicate that people tend to attach a special kind of significance to original works of art.

Contagion helps to explain art value

September 9, 2014 • 0
A new study by researchers at the Yale School of Management explores why we value an original piece of artwork so much more than an exact duplicate.