Blame for smoking’s harm proves complex

March 23, 2006
With the recent release of the very entertaining “Thank You for Smoking,” we are again faced with a decades-old question: Should cigarette companies be held legally responsible for the negative health effects of their products? Many liberals would probably say something like, “The companies should be liable because they knowingly sell a harmful product and »

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January 19, 2006
For many upperclassmen, Shopping Period could more aptly be named Seminar Application Period — a time not to weigh the pros and cons of particular classes, but to devise a way to secure coveted spots in popular seminars. Everyone knows the process of course admittance is a mess. The question is what we should do »

Privacy right would not enable abortion

November 17, 2005
Amend the Constitution to include a right to privacy, Daniel Koffler argues (“Right to privacy should be enumerated,” 11/9), and abortion rights for American women will be unequivocally guaranteed. His argument is flawed: A privacy amendment would not guarantee a right to abortion. Koffler argues that if one grants that a fetus is not a »

In practice, eminent domain ruling should not pose problems

October 7, 2005
The Supreme Court ruled on June 23 that the Constitution does not prohibit cities from taking privately owned land to make way for commercial developments. The decision has led to widespread criticism and even a proposal to take revenge on Justice Souter, who joined the majority opinion, by building the “Lost Liberty Hotel” over his »