For Yalies, New Haven youth offer ‘unmediated’ education

April 7, 2008 • 0
Every student trained at the New Haven Police Academy is required to watch a movie called “Know Me: Re-examining Police Perception and Treatment of Youth.” Surprisingly, the short film was not produced by the police department, but by a group of high-school students who work with Youth Rights Media, a nonprofit in New Haven. The »

Students view New Haven through cracked lens

October 25, 2007 • 0
The class of 2012 is coming and, among inquires about classes, parties, food, laundry, they want to know: Is New Haven safe? It seems we have been asking ourselves this question recently as we read about thefts and robberies that affect the Yale community on and around campus. But what we learn from these security »

The News should not print alienating speech

October 11, 2007 • 0
Have we forgotten what was published in the Rumpus and the Yale Record only last year? In the wake of the campus disturbance and the devotion of countless hours and energy, including the formation of the Campus Coalition for Unity (CCU), I am shocked that the Yale Daily News published its guest column on immigration »

Class divisions lie at root of diversity issue

October 25, 2006 • 9
Parents’ Weekend is awkward for me every year. Last weekend, I shuffled my parents to lunch in a dining hall, to glimpse the inside of Sterling, and to one of the several a cappella concerts. At the end of the day, I wondered if my parents really got to see all of Yale. But the »

Kids, career trade-off remains a hot topic

October 5, 2006 • 0
For many undergraduates, the results of the recent Yale Undergraduate Work-Life Balance Survey were unsurprising: In an atmosphere where our peers constantly discuss their futures in terms of career aspirations, it follows that among Yale women who plan to have children, nearly three out of four plan to take less than a year off work »