Gray, Bildner, Douglas and White: Help the environment by enjoying it

In 1917 a Yale geology professor enthused that “the Green Mountains end in West Rock in New Haven, the White Mountains in East Rock. All trails lead to Yale!” He may have been wrong on the geology, but he was right about Yale’s connection to the land. For over a century and a half, Yale »

Protect Shvarts’ right to make her own myth

April 24, 2008 • 7
A confession: I have enjoyed Aliza Shvarts’ project. However, my enjoyment is dependent on whether or not she actually carried out the nine-month process that she has described. At the time of this writing, this remains uncertain. There are good reasons to believe that she did not: the obvious dangers to health that the Art »

Questioning elections undermines progress

September 18, 2006 • 0
In mid-September, nearly two centuries ago, a firebrand Mexican priest ignited a revolt against Spain. He would not live to see an independent Mexico — his head soon hung from a spike — but it was an unsuccessful warning to those who fought on in his name. A century later, Mexico suffered through another decade-long »