Kamin and Degnan: Criticism is good Zionism

October 29, 2010
In Thursday’s op-ed (“A Critique of the Anti-Israel Establishment,” Oct. 28), Rabbi Shmully Hecht criticized J Street and Peter Beinart ’93 for encouraging anti-Israel advocacy in the American public sphere. Rabbi Hecht, who was not present at the event, mischaracterized this diverse gathering of pro-Israel students, which was sponsored by both the Yale Friends of »

Winter and Kamin: Yale is a model of coexistence

April 30, 2009
At the University of California, Berkeley in January, a coalition of students held a rally with mock coffins covered by Palestinian flags, while students wearing Israel Defense Forces sweatshirts and holding up Israeli flags stood nearby. Emory University held its first Israel Apartheid Week this year, during which a wall was constructed on campus to »

Kamin and Lefkowitz: On Israel, Mearsheimer misleads

September 10, 2008
A small group of Jews exerts disproportionate control over the government. Using power and money, it steers the country toward the disasters of our time — wars and a crumbling economy — disregarding the better interests of the nation and the world at large. If this idea had not come from The New York Times »