REMER: Fully fund public education

January 16, 2015
Instituting free and universal higher education is affordable. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do.

REMER: Tackling the hardest subject

March 7, 2014
In Hamlet, Polonius declares, “To thine own self be true.” Using the traditional definition of the self and traditional methods of self-knowing, this might be impossible to fully achieve.

REMER: On climate change, get political

December 6, 2013
You wouldn’t know it, but we’ve embarked upon the biggest gamble in 20 millennia. By continuing to profligately burn fossil fuels, humanity is courting disaster.

REMER: Leave regrets behind

October 16, 2013
We rush to and fro like the currents that caress the trees, but we forget that we are in fact leaves.

REMER: Education and the public good

September 12, 2013
No one should be forced to jettison his own religious or philosophical beliefs. But knowledge without humanity is sterile, even dangerous.

REMER: Promoting the general welfare

November 6, 2012
Ever since the Tea Party’s founding, its members have vociferously called for a return to basic principles. When they disingenuously bray about a return to traditional family values and the ideologies of the Founding Fathers, their words mask an irrational hatred toward President Obama and an agenda bent upon overturning decades of progress. But perhaps »