Handsome Dan term no longer lasts a lifetime

Many Yalies may not notice the difference, but a new, smaller Handsome Dan will be growling at the Cantabs at The Game this year. A new bulldog named Sherman quietly assumed the mascot position in late winter 2006, two football seasons after his predecessor, Mugsy, was named Handsome Dan XVI at the Spring Fling festivities […]

Now on Web, Yale classroom open to public

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Members of the public no longer need a winning admissions essay to watch Harold Bloom’s Shakespeare lectures, which are now available online as streaming video. And soon, anyone with access to the Internet will be able to listen to “Game Theory” lectures on […]


SigEp schooled in fine culture

Marcus Hooks ’09 brought two vanilla lattes to an interview with the News last Sunday — one for himself and another for the reporter. The vice president of macro development for the Yale chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity knows how to behave like a gentleman. SigEp, known on campus as “The Gentleman’s Frat,” […]


Yalies struggle to sustain new art, theater groups

An amateur thespian looking to join a performance group at Yale can pick from among 26 possibilities, according to the Official List of Registered Undergraduate Organizations. A budding artist can choose from a palette of 24 different options. But for some students looking to start their own performance or art group, things might be getting […]


New sushi joint on Whalley aims to attract student patrons

At the edge of the Yale bubble, smack dab between Miriam African Hair Braiding and a clothing store on Whalley Avenue, sits Dozo, a new Japanese restaurant. On a Friday night, while many restaurants in downtown New Haven are packed, Dozo hosts only a handful of patrons. The few customers in the restaurant have discovered […]


Profs now friendly on Facebook

Joel Silverman has 138 friends at Yale but only 19 wall posts. Daniel Tauss smiles playfully behind a life-size cartoon pineapple in his profile picture. The “Superpoke” function on Bill Summers’ profile says he has bought a drink for a student. Scroll down and a prompt asks, “What do you want to do to Bill?” […]


Alum teaches for America in old backyard

Ten minutes into Tuesday morning, the seventh-graders are almost ready for gym class. Deborah Frankel ’06, an English teacher at Katherine Brennan School in New Haven, stands with a timer in her hand, waiting on one slowpoke. The student, who has a bag strapped across her shoulder despite the “no backpacks in class” rule, is […]


Bulldogs take over the silver screen

With the notable exception of Monty Python, the big screen typically fails to explicitly explore the meaning of life. Even lessons on how to court girls — in the classic European sense — are rarely found in Hollywood films. But Bulldog Productions, a student-run film production company launched in 2003, is striving to become a […]


‘Survivor’ champ talks about his experiences

Yul Kwon LAW ’00 has certainly stepped off the typical Yale Law School career path. “You may think Yale Law School is a place for nerds,” Law School Dean Harold Koh said in a Thursday. “But in fact, People Magazine voted Yul the sexiest man of 2006.” [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”13872″ ] Kwon won the 13th season […]


Eli biology majors find group support

Most Yalies associate majoring in science more with the trek up Science Hill than with liquid nitrogen ice cream socials. But student science groups with a social bent have sprouted up in the last few years, designed to encourage students to take their research activities into the extracurricular realm. Two such organizations, the Yale Undergraduate […]


Italian film festival to widen horizons

Usually, names like Visconti, Pasolini and Fellini are the only ones that come to mind in discussions about Italian filmmaking. But this weekend, Yale hopes to change this limited perception of Italian cinema by hosting screenings reflective of the new millennium. As part of the “Italian Cinema for the New Millennium: Cinema as Witness” festival, […]


‘Mockingbird’ comes to city

It is time for New Haven residents to discover — or perhaps rediscover — Scout, Atticus and their mysterious neighbor Boo Radley. City residents will be encouraged to read Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird” as part of the “Big Read” — a national program that kicks off in New Haven today. Organizers hope city […]