Tao: Thinking concretely about minors

February 4, 2010
The recent report from the Committee on Majors on academic minors is, to echo the committee’s assessment of the Yale College Council’s report on the issue, “thorough, well-researched, and thoughtful.” Still, the recent evaluation leaves me skeptical of the supposed undesirability of minors and similar programs at Yale. As I see it, the most significant »

Tao: In defense of minors

February 10, 2009
In a recent editorial, the News opposed the Yale College Council’s call for academic minors, arguing that minors would be at odds with Yale’s liberal arts tradition (“News’ View: Yale should not add minors,” Feb. 5). Specifically, the News contended that minors would “allow and encourage Elis … to rack up additional resume items … »

Tutsi survivor speaks of school’s attack

October 11, 2006
Gilbert Tuhabonye, an aspiring Olympic runner and the sole survivor of an ethnically motivated attack on a Tutsi high school in the Republic of Burundi, recounted the story of his survival Tuesday afternoon at the Morse College Master’s House. Tuhabonye fielded questions and spoke about the genocide in Burundi and how it changed his life »