Courses on Africa dwindle

October 2, 2006 • 0
Rebecca Fabbro ’09 wanted to take a course in African history after years of studying the history of Western countries, but when she opened the Blue Book this semester, she was surprised to find “essentially nothing” that fit the bill, she said. “There were [approximately] 10 courses on … lesbian and gay history, and so »

Event showcases fellows

September 22, 2006 • 9
More than 300 Yale students, faculty and New Haven residents crowded into Betts House Thursday night to meet Yale’s World Fellows, a group of 19 young people that includes government officials, businesspeople and reporters from around the world. The fellows — who include a spokesperson for the Commission of the European Union, the deputy CEO »

Law School receives loan of Roman and canon law volumes

September 12, 2006 • 0
The rare book collection of the Lillian Goldman Law Library at Yale Law School has grown by approximately 1,300 volumes with the addition of an “indefinite loan” of valuable books on Roman and canon law from the library of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. The volumes, some of which »

Campus to cameo in film

September 7, 2006 • 0
Scenes from the upcoming thriller “In Bloom,” starring Uma Thurman and Pierce Brosnan, will be filmed on the Yale campus Sept. 18 and 19, University officials confirmed Wednesday. The filming will take place on Chapel Street around Vanderbilt Hall, and includes a scene of Thurman running across the street, Associate Secretary Donald Filer said. Other »

Harvard election law expert to join Yale’s faculty

April 17, 2006 • 0
Heather Gerken, a professor of election law, constitutional law, and civil procedure at Harvard Law School, will join the Yale Law School faculty next semester. Gerken, who specializes in voting law, diversity and the role of groups in the democratic process, has published articles in a number of law reviews, including the Harvard Law Review, »

QPAC pushes for clause

April 6, 2006 • 0
About 50 students rallied on Beinecke Plaza Wednesday to demand that the University add a clause concerning gender identity to Yale’s nondiscrimination policy. The effort, spearheaded by the Yale Queer Political Action Committee, is focused on creating a means of legal recourse for students, faculty or staff who feel the University has discriminated against them »

Southpaw snails have advantage

April 5, 2006 • 0
Much as human southpaws have an advantage in many sports, a dominant left “hand” lends some snails a competitive advantage in the game of life, according to a recent study. The study, co-written by geologists Gregory Dietl of Yale and Jonathan Hendricks of the University of Kansas and published in the Royal Society Biology Letters, »

Burt talks on future of recruitment case

March 30, 2006 • 0
Yale Law School’s effort to restrict access to military recruiters in response to the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy may have suffered a defeat before the Supreme Court earlier this month, but law professor Robert Burt — the lead plaintiff for a suit brought by Law School faculty — told the Yale Political Union »

Alon recounts massacre of Israelis in Munich

March 24, 2006 • 0
Dan Alon kept quiet about his experience as an Israeli athlete at the Munich Olympics of 1972 for more than 30 years, but Steven Spielberg’s recent movie about the massacre that took place at the Games inspired Alon to speak out, he said in a talk on Thursday. Alon spoke about the tragedy for the »

Library preserves Iraq journals

March 3, 2006 • 0
With the help of a donation from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Yale library has embarked on a project to preserve several academic journals from or about Iraq in the current Arabic collections at Yale and the University of Pennsylvania over the next two years. Yale Library’s Iraq ReCollection project will digitize nine »

Weisberg talks journalism

February 23, 2006 • 0
Great journalists of the next generation are going to work through the Internet even more than most writers do today, said Jacob Weisberg ’86, editor of Slate Magazine, at a master’s tea on Wednesday afternoon. Weisberg spoke to a crowd of about 50 Yalies at the Morse College Master’s House about his experiences at Slate, »

Kincaid talks gardening, book

February 17, 2006 • 1
Author Jamaica Kincaid distracts herself from writer’s block with interests ranging from astronomy to butterfly collecting, but her most abiding hobby — and the subject of her most recent book — is gardening, she said at a reading in Sterling Memorial Library Thursday afternoon. Kincaid read a selection from “Among Flowers: A Walk in the »