DIMBERU: How to Build a Poor Man’s iPhone

November 27, 2012 • 0
I am cheap. No, wait, I’m frugal. There is a difference. When you’re cheap, you don’t want to pay for anything. When you’re frugal, you are willing to pay for things that are worth it. Ask anyone who really knows me and they will confirm this. I wear multiple layers of clothing at home and »

DIMBERU: The right kind of science

March 20, 2012 • 1
In the past couple of months, we’ve seen two high-profile lessons about how science, as a way to uncover truth, is supposed to work. The first case was inspiring, the second disheartening. Both have something to teach us about doing science. Last fall, a team of researchers from the OPERA Collaboration in Gran Sasso, Italy »

Dimberu: Solar storms threaten

February 7, 2012 • 0
Each season on Earth comes with the potential for bad weather. During winter, blizzards ground flights and close schools. High summer sees tornados, while late summer and early autumn bring hurricanes. In addition, a unique type of “weather” activity has been getting plenty of attention recently, and for good reason. During the past few weeks, »

DIMBERU: The Land of Fire and Ice

January 10, 2012 • 0
Over winter break, I had the opportunity to visit Iceland. Besides partaking in the usual revelry that is an integral part of any vacation, I also learned a great deal about this island that is oft described as the land of fire and ice. As one of the newest landmasses on Earth, Iceland features a »

Running barefoot

November 8, 2011 • 1
This weekend 40,000 runners from around the world descended on New York City to match themselves against one of the world’s most famous long-distance races. The 41st running of the New York City Marathon challenged everyone from elite runners to weekend warriors. And a small core of those runners ran the entire 26.2 miles barefoot. »

Putting your medicine where your mouth is

October 11, 2011 • 0
Last week was science’s High Holy Days, as Nobel Prizes were awarded for significant contributions in physiology or medicine, physics and chemistry (among other awards for literature and peace). Part of the prize for physiology or medicine was awarded to Ralph Steinman, a noted cell biologist from Rockefeller University, for his discovery of dendritic cells, »

Dimberu: Learning languages in a digital age

February 23, 2011 • 5
So you want to learn a new language, huh? There are plenty of reasons you may decide to learn a new language. Perhaps you have an upcoming internship abroad or plan to backpack in a new country. Maybe you want to make yourself more attractive to potential employers or you just want to impress that »