DEFIESTA: Tweeting the lockdown

December 6, 2013
In the case of breaking news — and not just on Twitter — journalists need to report on an event accurately and quickly, and let readers know about any ambiguity in their reporting.

DEFIESTA: In defense of Yale Thoughts

November 21, 2013
We don’t even take the time to process earnest reflections on our campus culture, like this week’s rant, delivered right to our inboxes.

DEFIESTA: Change in Ward 1

November 6, 2013
The lack of interaction between Ward 1 and our alderman showed itself somewhat in yesterday’s election breakdown.

DEFIESTA: Where we belong

October 30, 2013
College is meant to be a place for all of us to discover ourselves, build our own homes and grapple with life’s challenges. Feeling like we’re in the wrong place is normal, an inherent part of the process.
Annelisa Leinbach_Illustrations Editor_Esserman_1017

DEFIESTA: A well-deserved prize

October 17, 2013
While his tenure is far from perfect, Esserman is the police chief New Haven needs right now, and he deserves both his award and our ongoing support as he works to better the Elm City.

DEFIESTA: Where in the world is Toni Harp?

October 9, 2013
Given Harp’s wide-ranging coalition and her emphasis on engaging New Haven residents who have long been shunned by traditional Elm City politics, students I’ve spoken with are now asking: Why has Toni Harp largely ignored Yale?

DEFIESTA: Laboring candidates

October 3, 2013
For some Yalies, there is no greater political candidate than one in a labor union. That label alone is enough to earn their support, regardless of platform or experience. For others, a politician’s union affiliation is an excuse to write off her candidacy. This mentality has been exemplified across city elections, from the controversial Ward 7 aldermanic race to the mayoral contest. »
New Haven city and school officials announced that the district had won a $53 million federal grant in a press conference held at John Martinez School in Fair Haven.

City schools win $53 million

September 28, 2012
New Haven’s school reform efforts received a federal endorsement Thursday afternoon in the form of a multi-million dollar grant from the Obama administration. The city’s school district will receive a projected $53.4 million federal grant over five years to support professional development for teachers and administrators, city officials announced in a Thursday afternoon press conference »
After poll numbers for weeks indicated a dead heat between Republican Linda McMahon and her Democratic opponent in Connecticut's Senate race, Chris Murphy, she now appears to be losing ground.

McMahon falls behind in senate race

September 27, 2012
After weeks of worries among Connecticut Democrats that their nominee for the state’s open Senate seat, U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, was in danger of losing to Republican Linda McMahon, Murphy appears to be pulling away in the race. A Wednesday poll by Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling found that Murphy leads McMahon by six »

City aims to expand ID card program

September 27, 2012
Five years after the creation of the Elm City Resident Card and the controversy it generated, City Hall is seeking to expand the program, which provides identification and access to financial services for New Haven residents. In a Wednesday afternoon press conference at JUNTA for Progressive Action, a New Haven-based Latino rights advocacy organization, Mayor »
John DeStefano Jr. set the record as the longest-serving mayor of New Haven this week.

UP CLOSE | City evaluates DeStefano era, looks beyond

September 25, 2012
The New Haven and Yale of 20 years ago are a far cry from the city and University of today. Twenty years ago, a committee was searching for a replacement for then-interim University President Howard Lamar. Across the New Haven Green in City Hall, John Daniels, the Elm City’s first black mayor, struggled with seemingly »
A new Quinnipiac poll shows that Democratic candidate Chris Murphy is in a dead heat with Republican candidate Linda McMahon.

Murphy struggles to keep McMahon at bay

September 18, 2012
Facing an onslaught of negative attacks funded by Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Linda McMahon, Democratic nominee and U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy is struggling to regain the lead in the polls. After a poll in late August gave McMahon a three-point lead ahead of Murphy in the election for the Senate seat vacated by Joseph »
Ella Wood ’15, who previously lost the Democratic primary election in September, has dropped
out of the race for Ward 7 Alderman.