A list of the few things I know for sure

April 21, 2005 • 0
As my unsteady performance at Anna Liffey’s trivia night this Tuesday confirmed, I don’t know much. I know that Rockford was the television private eye who lived in a trailer in Malibu, but I don’t know how old Ronald Reagan was when he was elected president or what year the Nobel Prize in economics was »

Celtics as champs? You never know

April 14, 2005 • 0
On Sunday nights after dinner and before “Arrested Development,” I like to grab a beer, sit down in my recliner, look over at the stain on the floral-print couch across the room and think deep thoughts. Sometimes I will put on music. Other times, I just close my eyes and let the Harkness Tower bells »

Sports media has become over-saturated in recent years

March 3, 2005 • 0
I like sports more than most people. Last Saturday I accidentally turned on the TV and a women’s college basketball game was on; I didn’t turn it off. If someone needs a sixth for pond hockey, I will call in sick and play. I have wagered heavily on high school lacrosse games, and over 60 »

Politics cannot compare to the Major Leagues

February 18, 2005 • 0
During the summer and fall of 2004, families in Massachusetts discussed two subjects of unusual importance at the dinner table: the baseball playoffs and the presidential election. For me and many of the other mostly Democratic voters in John Kerry’s home state, the election was a big deal. The Red Sox, of course, are always »