Schwalb: Bring justice to our financial fiends

March 4, 2011 • 2
Angelo Mozilo, ex-CEO of Countrywide, flooded the financial system with essentially worthless mortgages. This was perfectly legal. Countrywide paid Mozilo millions for producing short-term earnings and stock returns that disappeared overnight when the crisis hit. This, too, was perfectly legal. During his tenure as CEO, Mozilo privately sold shares while publicly disguising Countrywide’s financial health. »

Schwalb: Ending textbook tyranny

February 16, 2011 • 5
There is a quiet revolution brewing deep down in the tubes of the internet. Its vanguard is a meek crossbreed of programmers and academics — one could hardly imagine a more socially-awkward mutt. But they are armed with an idea that could reshape a multi-billion dollar industry, whose profits hinge on tearing money out of »

Schwalb: Making the grade

January 18, 2011 • 0
It’s no secret that grade inflation differs by department. Science and engineering majors get more work and less grade fluffing than the rest of us. The result is a high turnover of matriculating students who rush from the sciences to the humanities, as well as a science-phobia among humanities students. These symptoms are antithetical to »