Racial diversity: more than photos in a Yale brochure

January 31, 2003
As a student from a high school that was equally divided between black and Caucasian students, the value of diversity has always been one of my primary concerns. When I began my college search, I looked for schools that had a good level of diversity, racially, socioeconomically and in terms of gender. I wanted to »

Cheers, taunts at basketball game insulting

February 14, 2002
I am a basketball fan. I love the game, for the sheer power and finesse. Although I never played, all of my uncles on both sides of my family as well as my father played in high school and college. My sisters are the stars of their high school basketball team now. I have been »

MLK Day essential in the post-9/11 world

January 23, 2002
On Monday I rolled out of bed a little later than usual. I slept through my alarm and rushed to Woolsey Hall in order to watch over the Martin Luther King Jr. display. I sat in the rotunda for two hours as some people rushed past and others stopped to study the photographs of Dr. »

Wary of slave past, Dwight Hall mulls name change

September 26, 2001
In the wake of a report issued over the summer detailing Yale’s history with slavery, members of the Dwight Hall Cabinet convened yesterday to discuss the possible changing of their organization’s name. Dwight Hall is named for Timothy Dwight, a former Yale president and minister who is identified as a supporter of slavery in “Yale, »

Search nearing end for director of La Casa

September 19, 2001
La Casa saw a monumental changes last year when the Mexican cultural center and the Puerto Rican center combined to form a unified Latino cultural center. Now, the search for a new dean may lead to the biggest change for La Casa this year. Last March, Assistant Dean Richard Chavolla left his post as director »

Cross Campus filled with candles, silence

September 12, 2001
Nearly 3,000 students silently converged on Cross Campus last night to commemorate the tragedies of yesterday’s terrorist attacks. Yale President Richard Levin and University Chaplain Frederick Streets organized the largest of a series of vigils held on and around campus Tuesday evening. Students pressed between Berkeley’s north and south courtyards, from Sterling Memorial Library to »

Aid boost brings smiles, mostly

September 7, 2001
For many students, Yale’s announcement of its sweeping, new financial aid plan was not shocking. Some students were happy to hear news of increased aid, but some said that the plan is still not competitive with the ones Princeton and Harvard universities laid out. Yale committed an additional $7.5 million financial aid largely to lower »

Faculty approves proposal to cancel MLK Day classes

September 5, 2001
Yielding to a semester of pressure from students and faculty, this summer the Yale College faculty approved a Calendar Committee proposal to cancel classes for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The proposal, approved by the Yale Colege Calendar Committee, will move classes from the Monday holiday to the previous Friday, and that Friday’s classes will »

Yale will not hold classes on MLK Day next year

May 8, 2001
Culminating a rare, semester-long push by both students and faculty for University-wide observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Yale College faculty approved a proposal to cancel classes for Martin Luther King Jr. Day at their May 3 meeting. The proposal that passed will move classes that fall on Martin Luther King Jr. Day »

MLK Day fate to be determined May 3

April 25, 2001
The fate of the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day will not be determined until the May 3 faculty meeting. At this meeting, the Yale College Calendar Committee will present new proposals for ways that Yale can cancel Monday classes in celebration of the holiday while still having a full 13 weeks of classes »

New student union shows face at rally

April 25, 2001
Nearly 75 students from the fledgling group United Students at Yale joined more than 1,000 participants in Friday’s union rally on the New Haven Green. This was the first University-wide organizing effort on the part of the undergraduate student union, which is now known as United Students at Yale. Preceding the rally, the group held »

Gathering commemorates end of Beinecke sweatshop protest

April 20, 2001
On the eve of Yale’s tercentennial celebration, students gathered together Thursday on the steps of Woodbridge Hall in remembrance of last year’s controversy over the University’s sweatshop policy. A year ago Thursday marked the anniversary of the end of the Beinecke Plaza occupation by Students Against Sweatshops after the administration’s refusal to join the Worker’s »