Bolton-haters lose sight of U.S. interests

October 7, 2005
I don’t care if hissing is the normal sign of disagreement in the Yale Political Union. John Bolton ’70 LAW ’74 isn’t the guy down the hall or a FORMAC section TA. The actions of the crowd were disrespectful, even to a member of the evil Bush regime. But I’m sure Bolton didn’t care; he »

Once again, Dean’s doing Dems no favors

April 6, 2005
Last week, Howard Dean told the Democratic faithful at a meeting in Toronto that Republicans are “brain dead.” Although many conservative feelings were hurt, I’m holding my breath for the ACLU to file suit for infliction of emotional distress. While I’m here asphyxiating — and for the sake of the lamebrained among us — let’s »

Why ProCons are leaving the Dems in the dust

February 9, 2005
The Democratic Party’s slogan is “Moving America Forward,” but it’s the Republican Party that’s leading the charge. After Bush’s brilliant State of the Union address and the Democrats’ curious attempt at a rebuttal, it’s even more apparent why Democrats got left behind on Nov. 2, and are failing to catch up. Unlike the reactive presidency »

On Social Security, Bush has the liberal idea

November 16, 2004
There’s this inaccuracy in politics today that says liberals always favor reform and new ways of thinking and conservatives oppose progress and changes to the status quo. However, a simple comparison of each party’s platforms makes it clear that Republicans have greater ideas for reform. Not only that, but their ideas concerning taxes, Medicare and »

The left should start having faith in Bush’s faith

October 27, 2004
The demonizing of Bush’s faith by the liberal elite would be shameful if it wasn’t completely predictable. We are gearing up for a crucial election, and every trick in the book will be used over the next few days. Liberals’ current message: Be very scared of our Christian president. In a December 1999 Republican presidential »

When talking troops, don’t slight Romania

October 8, 2004
During last week’s debate, Sen. John Kerry forgot to mention Poland as one of America’s strongest allies in the Iraq war. I would give Kerry the benefit of the doubt on this one, but he has a history of ignoring the support of our allies. Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski was struck by Kerry’s comments: “It’s »

Stance on 527s show of liberal hypocrisy

September 22, 2004
We’re all drowning in hypocrisy this election season, and Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe is in control of the floodgates. Commenting on our President’s connection with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth he said, “By saying nothing at all George W. Bush is a complicit contributor to the slanderous, lie-filled attack ads — George Bush’s »

Liberal demagoguery clouds stem cell debate

September 8, 2004
Every once in a while The New York Times will count the number of repetitions of a word or phrase in a political speech — a fun trick that attempts to identify the significance of a given topic. The results are in: at the Democratic National Convention, the phrase “stem cell” was used 20 times. »