Group protests drug laws

October 27, 2004
A national organization called Students for Sensible Drug Policy sent nearly 50 colleges a fax titled “One Marijuana Arrest Every 42 Seconds” Monday. The press release highlighted statistics from the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report on marijuana arrests, particularly among American youth. Although Yale has strict policies regarding illegal substances, few students are in fact »

Swap meets needs of some

April 27, 2004
Yalies may differ in their religious views or their thoughts on the current president, but there is only one right answer when a wide-eyed prefrosh looks up from her campus map and asks which is the best residential college at Yale: “Well, my residential college, of course.” But if the answer is not unqualified and »

CARE’s Advocacy Weekend excites members

April 19, 2004
It began as an ambitious idea in the mind of a freshman three years ago, and now has not only influenced the Yale community, but is now working to expand to campuses nationwide. This past weekend, Yale College Council for CARE, or CCC, sponsored its first-annual Inaugural Advocacy Weekend, which brought more than 25 students »

Motavalli warms up climate over Tea

April 9, 2004
With the approach of summer, Jim Motavalli, editor of E/The Environmental Magazine, warned a small group of students on Wednesday during a Pierson’s Master’s Tea about “Feeling the Heat,” which is also the title of his recently published book about the worldwide implications of global warming. Motavalli avoided scientific jargon and complicated graphing techniques when »

Dr. Judy talks sex in times of terror

February 12, 2004
Sex — it’s what the doctor ordered. Radio sex therapist Judy Kuriansky spoke to nearly 40 students about “Sex in the Age of Terrorism” at a Berkeley College Master’s Tea Wednesday. The event was one of numerous discussions and panels being held on campus for Sex Week at Yale. Kuriansky, who is commonly known as »

Grand lecture features top ad executive

January 21, 2004
In a sustained effort to expose students to important professionals from both the public and private spheres, the Gordon Grand Fellowship sponsored a lecture by Peggy Conlin, president and CEO of the National Advertising Council, at a Master’s Tea in Branford College on Tuesday. While about 10 New Haven community residents quietly sipped coffee and »

Steinfels addresses challenges facing Church

October 23, 2003
New York Times religion columnist and former senior religion correspondent Peter Steinfels lectured at Yale’s St. Thomas More Chapel Wednesday. The discussion was part of the Catholic Center’s continuing initiative to promote dialogue concerning the issues and challenges facing modern Catholicism. Speaking to a crowd of nearly 150 people, Steinfels addressed the sex scandals of »

Activists spark interest in World Hunger Day

October 17, 2003
In conjunction with World Food Day, Yale’s chapter of the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere organization spent Wednesday afternoon distributing orange ribbons on Cross Campus and raising funds for hunger and poverty relief in developing countries. In addition to displaying pictures illustrating the devastating effects of starvation and disease on the world’s impoverished, Yale »