ALI: A different kind of apathy

November 7, 2012
If I wake up today and I find out Obama hasn’t won, my biggest worry will not be what will happen to health care, or how taxation will change, or whether Romney will continue to find more women in binders to offend. Nope, my biggest worry will be that if Obama hasn’t won, my suitemates »
Last year, the corner of Park and Chapel Streets was renamed Gag Jr.’s Corner, in honor of businessman Vincent Gagliardi Jr., the namesake of the liquor shop. Before such changes are approved by the Board of Aldermen, petitioners must gather 250 signatures, two-thirds from neighborhood residents.

Church leaders remembered with street corner name

September 12, 2012
It took aldermen all of 10 minutes to review and approve the street corner name change Tuesday night, but for the church communities of Hill and Fair Haven, it was a move almost 30 years in the making. With Tuesday night’s city services and environmental services committee hearing, the corner of Congress Avenue and Hillock »