Property taxes frozen for aged

April 17, 2007 • 0
The Board of Aldermen approved a property tax freeze for certain homeowners aged 70 and over Monday night. The bill allows elderly residents who have lived in the city at least 10 years and have a maximum income of $50,000 to freeze their taxes at the 2006 rate. Those earning between $50,000 and $75,000 would »

Risky behavior varies by race

April 11, 2007 • 0
Though teenagers in general are notorious for engaging in risky behavior, a study released last week suggests that differences in teens’ risky choices may break down across racial lines. White teens in Connecticut are more likely than their black and Hispanic peers to binge drink, smoke, and drive while intoxicated, according to a recent study »

Students celebrate Puerto Rico

April 9, 2007 • 0
Standing in the doorway of the Yale President’s office 33 years ago, Eduardo Padro ’75 refused to move until the Puerto Rican community got the attention it deserved. Now a New York Justice of the Supreme Court, Padro did not want to leave La Casa — the Latino Cultural House — on Saturday night until »

Yale archaeologist identifies oldest-ever solar observatory in Peru

March 7, 2007 • 0
Chankillo, a fortified hilltop in the midst of ancient Peruvian ruins, has long baffled scientists. Some believed it to be a fort, others a ceremonial site, but no one could explain the purpose of the 300-meter line of 13 towers positioned along a low-lying ridge in the Andes Mountains. The mystery has been solved by »

Successful challenge hoists gymnasts past URI

February 20, 2007 • 0
The perceptive eye of Yale gymnastics head coach Barbara Tonry made the difference between a painfully tight defeat and a momentum-building victory heading into the Ivy Championship. A successful scoring challenge from the Eli sideline gave the home squad the points to push past the University of Rhode Island in Saturday’s meet. Coming from a »

Museum exhibits Catholic relics

February 19, 2007 • 0
Yalies need not travel to Rome this spring break to see Vatican artifacts firsthand — they can be found just a few blocks from campus at the Knights of Columbus Museum. Opened six years ago by the Knights of Columbus — the world’s largest Catholic fraternal and family organization, with 1.7 million members worldwide — »

Monopoly on sale of research marijuana may end

February 16, 2007 • 0
Proponents argue that it eases pain and could be useful in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, cancer and HIV. Others say it’s an illegal drug with the potential for long-term damage. But a new Yale study on marijuana may bring scientists one step closer to the answer — especially after a breakthrough court ruling that »

Shop may replace theater

February 6, 2007 • 0
The space formerly occupied by York Square Cinema, a central location in the Broadway retail district, may soon be taken over by a Hamden-based chain specializing in campus paraphernalia. Pending approval from the city, Campus Customs, which already operates one location on Broadway, will both sell and manufacture college-themed merchandise on site. The independently owned »

Tweed may try to attract new carriers

December 7, 2006 • 0
A judge had to call order in an East Haven Elementary school auditorium on Wednesday night, as mumbled obscenities and groans of disapproval about proposed construction at Tweed-New Haven Airport became too loud to ignore. Sparks flew as residents, business representatives and environmental experts discussed the future of the airport in front of a Department »

Red Line suffers low ridership

December 6, 2006 • 0
If 10 students board a Red Line shuttle during its seven hours of operation, it is considered a busy night. Yale Transit’s Red Line — which was proposed by the Yale College Council last winter to provide a safe way for students to travel from residential colleges to off-campus neighborhoods including Edgewood, Park, Howe and »