Ellison: A better example at Yale

October 1, 2009 • 4
Through an improbable series of events, the international uproar that began in a Danish newspaper and spread like wildfire (or, more accurately, like gunfire) through the Muslim world has settled firmly in New Haven today. Coming on the heels of Yale University Press’s decision not to publish the cartoons that shook the world in a »

Ellison: Old-fashioned bigotry

September 17, 2009 • 18
As Yale students were scattered across the globe this summer furiously padding our resumes, a bombshell hit. Yale was outed as … wait for it … the “gay Ivy.” Somehow, this society-changing revelation did not appear on the gaydar — I mean, radar — of Yale students, whether gay or straight. As we all know, »

Ellison: Dodd should step aside

September 4, 2009 • 4
Imagine you have an important choice to make with two possible outcomes: one desirable and one undesirable. If you choose one alternative, there is a 30 percent chance of achieving the desirable outcome. If you choose the other, there is an 80 percent chance of achieving the desirable outcome. This is not a trick. Of »

‘Top tier’ not a mark of presidential potential

September 25, 2007 • 0
Anyone who knows me knows I really want Joe Biden to be president. Anyone who follows politics even a little bit knows that he isn’t doing so great in the polls. Naturally, this frustrates me. But I’m not frustrated simply because he isn’t raising much money or gaining much support in the polls. I’m frustrated »