Lieberman can help keep Dems diverse

March 2, 2006 • 0
In a recent column, Ben Simon criticizes Connecticut senator Joseph Lieberman in favor of Ned Lamont (“Lamont could help reestablish Dems’ hold,” 2/27). While Lamont’s political experience as a selectman for Greenwich ranks nowhere near Lieberman’s (he has been senator since 1988 and is a former Connecticut attorney general and former state Senate majority leader), »

Dean isn’t the right man — Lieberman is

September 17, 2003 • 0
In the Sept. 15 issue of the Yale Daily News, Roger Low ’07 asserted that most Americans do not know much about Howard Dean (“What you don’t know about Dean,” 9/15). I have been watching Dean ever since he declared his candidacy for the presidency, and I still have no idea who Howard Dean is. »