Open Yale seeks stability

January 23, 2012 • 4
Well before last semester’s course evaluations rolled in, Yale history professor John Merriman had already received a rave review. In early October, he opened an email that had been sent from the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan: “You would be delighted to learn that at 5:00 pm, June 11, 2011, the first lecture of your Yale »

“Batman” actor gets political

November 8, 2011 • 572
For years, Matthew Modine acted out stories crafted by other individuals. Now he is standing behind the camera to make his mark on the film industry. On Monday, Modine, an Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated actor, spoke to group of about 26 students at a Master’s Tea about his career, the nature of celebrity culture and »
Melanie Boyd '90, above, has taken a leadership role in shaping how the University handles cases of sexual assault.

Thursday Profile: Facilitating change

October 20, 2011 • 3
On October 14th, 2010, Professor Melanie Boyd ’90 met her 23-person seminar, Theorizing Sexual Violence, as usual in the Hall of Graduate Studies. But this wasn’t just any other class session. Less than 24 hours before, a group of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity pledges had paraded around Old Campus, chanting a series of sexually degrading »