Livengood ’07 hosts open discussion

March 31, 2005
Ward 1 Aldermanic candidate Rebecca Livengood ’07 hosted an open discussion Wednesday to encourage interested Yale students to talk about issues in New Haven, ranging from urban development to the relationship between the University and the city. The meeting was held at the Afro-American Cultural Center, where nearly 30 students sat in an informal group »

State may ban use of phones while driving

February 23, 2005
The bumper-sticker message “Hang up and drive” is being echoed by Connecticut state legislators, who are considering a ban on the use of handheld phones while driving. More than 60 state lawmakers are publicly supporting legislation in favor of restricting drivers’ cell phone use, and a recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University shows that 86 »

Pig cells may help restore spinal cords

February 9, 2005
A study published by scientists at the Yale Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research suggests the inner lining of a pig’s nose could be used as a treatment for spinal cord injury or disease. The results of an experiment conducted several months ago showed that damaged monkey spinal cords repaired themselves when the pig cells »

Buddhist vigil honors tsunami victims

January 24, 2005
Yalies braved the howling winds Saturday night to commemorate the Sri Lankan tsunami disaster in an oasis of warmth, candlelight and peace in Battell Chapel. Indigo Blue, the center for Buddhist life at Yale, held an all-night vigil, lasting through Sunday morning, both to honor victims of the tsunami and to remember those who survived. »

Red Sox show trophy to city

November 18, 2004
A cheering crowd warmed a chilly Wednesday afternoon when representatives of the Boston Red Sox visited New Haven to present their World Series trophy to some of their biggest supporters. Arriving from a morning reception at the Yale Law School, third baseman Kevin Youkilis, general manager Theo Epstein ’95 and Red Sox president and CEO »

Conn. proposes new commuter rail service to Mass., Hartford

November 4, 2004
North Haven Recreational Center buzzed with energy Wednesday as community members from greater New Haven enthusiastically debated proposed changes in area train service. Citizens voiced their opinions on a new state-proposed commuter rail service at a public open house hosted by the Connecticut State Department of Transportation yesterday evening. The proposed plan would provide increased »

Lecture demystifies election process for audience

October 21, 2004
In a pessimistic take on the upcoming presidential race, Norman J. Ornstein, an election analyst for CBS News, said a close election could result in chaos on Nov. 2. In a lecture at the Yale Law School yesterday, Ornstein and Yale political science professor Donald Green offered their opinions on likely voting trends on election »

Renovations bring dining, new theater

October 8, 2004
After waiting nearly seven months, Yalies and New Haven residents alike will soon be able to delight in a state-of-the-art movie theater and fine-dining complex located between George and Crown streets. Bow Tie Partners, the New York-based company behind the development, has almost completed its renovation, which began last March at an old electric-utility headquarters »