Standing on Class Day — for peace

May 24, 2008
We are two Yale seniors against the war. We will graduate in the year 2008, the fifth year of the conflict in Iraq. Like many of our fellow Yalies, we ended our high school years with an energy and determination to speak out against a war that we considered unjust. We both went to marches, »

For Yalies, New Haven youth offer ‘unmediated’ education

April 7, 2008
Every student trained at the New Haven Police Academy is required to watch a movie called “Know Me: Re-examining Police Perception and Treatment of Youth.” Surprisingly, the short film was not produced by the police department, but by a group of high-school students who work with Youth Rights Media, a nonprofit in New Haven. The »

Religious groups cite faith in support of Elm City ID

November 8, 2007
Tonight, the Interfaith Alliance for Justice is hosting a celebration of the solidarity of communities of faith at Yale and in New Haven with undocumented peoples. Although we come from different faiths, we share social and moral values which guide our political choices. As a part of New Haven Solidarity Week, we support the municipal »