Hershey: Sanity restored

November 3, 2010
These last few days have been big for American politics. Over the weekend, we had the wonderful opportunity to witness Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity,” a supposedly non-partisan march on Washington, D.C. that sought to lampoon nonsensical criticism of the president and to reintroduce “reason” and “compromise” into our political process. And yesterday, the »

Hershey: Let’s be fair about Levin’s bonus

October 12, 2010
Last Thursday, students gathered in Beinecke Plaza to hold a protest concerning the recent announcement that University President Richard Levin will receive a $350,000 bonus this year. The protesters hosted a mock cocktail party congratulating President Levin on his raise, and they circulated flyers urging financial aid reform following last year’s $400 increase in the »