Norton speaks at Class Day

May 23, 2005
Class Day Speaker Eleanor Holmes Norton GRD ’63 LAW ’64 encouraged the Class of 2005 on May 22 to look beyond simple answers to difficult questions while working for social change. Norton’s speech was one of many events and activities scheduled for Class Day, which featured baccalaureate celebrations, award presentations and the annual Commencement Ball. »

Arabic prof Frangieh will remain at Yale

April 28, 2005
Arabic language professor Bassam Frangieh will stay at Yale after the University, in response to an onslaught of pressure, upped the ante with an offer competitive enough to keep one of its star language instructors from leaving for a tenure-track position at the University of Delaware. Frangieh, who for 12 years has been a senior »

Little resolved at strike’s end

April 25, 2005
While the Graduate Employees and Students Organization claimed victory from its five-day job-action, doubt remains as to whether a strike far less extensive than others in recent memory made headway in altering Yale’s long-standing position against graduate student unionization. GESO’s aim of garnering national attention for its cause was met with some success as news »

TA strikers descend on Manhattan

April 21, 2005
NEW YORK — More than 1,000 teaching assistants, graduate students, union members and supporters from across the country converged outside the gates of Columbia University Wednesday afternoon to call on Yale, Columbia and the National Labor Relations Board to grant graduate teachers union recognition. Midway through their week-long TA strike, an estimated 300 members of »

Picket lines mark first day of strike

April 19, 2005
Members of the Graduate Employees and Students Organization launched their five-day strike Monday, taking to the streets to make their case for unionization to the Yale community, but administrators said the job action caused little disruption to the University’s affairs. About 250 teaching assistants in the humanities and social sciences are striking this week, roughly »

GESO members begin strike today

April 18, 2005
Hundreds of Graduate Employees and Students Organization members are expected to mark the beginning of a five-day teaching assistant strike this morning by marching in picket lines and rallying with prominent state and local politicians. The inaugural day of the strike, the fifth job action in 15 years, will kick off with visits on the »

GESO strike reflects years of TA tension

April 18, 2005
Prospective members of the Class of 2009 will likely be greeted with a scene this morning that might not show up on an admissions Web site: — a group of Yale teaching assistants kicking off a five-day strike with hopes to sway the Yale administration to recognize their group as a graduate student union. The »

Questions linger after GESO’s vote

April 15, 2005
Although a convincing majority of the Graduate Employees and Students Organization’s membership voted Wednesday to launch a five-day strike, questions loom about the legitimacy of the vote, the projected magnitude of the teaching assistant job action and the strike’s effectiveness in swaying an administration that has staunchly opposed graduate student unionization for decades. While GESO »

GESO members approve strike

April 14, 2005
An overwhelming majority of graduate teaching assistants affiliated with the Graduate Employees and Students Organization voted yesterday to strike next week, promising to cease teaching for five straight days beginning next Monday. About 82 percent of graduate TAs in GESO voted in favor of the strike at a GESO membership meeting Wednesday afternoon, while 91 »

GESO votes to strike

April 13, 2005
An overwhelming majority of graduate teaching assistants affiliated with the Graduate Employees and Students Organization voted this afternoon to strike, promising to stop their teaching work for five days beginning Monday. About 82 percent of graduate TAs in GESO voted in favor of the strike at the group’s membership meeting this afternoon, while 91 percent »

Senator talks to GESO

April 12, 2005
While nearly 100 art and environmental science students marched to Yale Provost Andrew Hamilton’s office at noon Monday, local labor leaders met with U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67 to outline their grievances with the University and attempt to garner support for a potential teaching assistant strike next week. The students, most of whom »

Strike vote stirs doubt among TAs

April 8, 2005
With less than a week to go until members of the Graduate Students and Employees Organization vote on whether to stage a five-day strike beginning April 18, there is dissension within the GESO ranks about what course the organization should follow to secure its aims. GESO organizers announced Wednesday that they will vote on whether »