Alum wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

October 11, 2012
Brian Kobilka MED ’81 never talked about the Nobel Prize, said Don Regula MED ’82, Kobilka’s classmate at Yale and current Stanford colleague. “He has never in his life mentioned the Nobel Prize … ever, which means he’s about as humble as you can get,” Regula said. But that changed on Wednesday, when a 2 »

CAI: The pleasure of creation

September 19, 2012
I was expecting my first Master’s Tea to be a highly refined sort of deal, a roundtable discussion with tea, crumpets and crustless sandwiches with watercress slightly protruding out the sides. After arriving at the Morse College common room, I realized that there was no round table rimmed with cute porcelain plates, that this was »

CAI: Decisions at Yale

September 11, 2012
Camp Yale, for a wee freshman like me, has officially reached its terminus. I’m starting to pick up on the lingo here, from Wenzel to Durfee’s to the correct pronunciation of Au Bon Pain (previously I enunciated Pain like Bain). My midnight strolls from the peak of Science Hill to the crevasses of the Asian »