High school students to face revised SAT exam

March 26, 2002 • 0
The College Board is planning to revise the format of the SAT I test in an effort to assess learning done in the classroom rather than intellectual aptitude. The potential changes, which would not go into effect until at least 2006, come after the University of California, the nation’s largest public university system, criticized the »

Students seek more specific help at UCS

March 5, 2002 • 0
When Carolyn Zabrycki ’04 went to Undergraduate Career Services, she was hoping for specifics. She was looking for internships in publishing, government service or law, and she wanted advice on particular companies or organizations that she could look into. But when she had her appointment, Zabrycki was disappointed that the counselor referred her to Web »

Applicants to be questioned about essay

March 1, 2002 • 0
The Yale undergraduate admissions office is considering the addition of a question to its application that would help determine the amount of help students received in writing their application essays, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Richard Shaw said. The move would follow a similar measure taken by Duke University two years ago amid »

One Yalie’s bohemian existence

February 27, 2002 • 0
Krista Madsen ’95 was never a fan of practicality. At Yale, she surrounded herself with impractical people — poets and artists and writers like herself. She dreamed of setting out with them after college to pursue bohemian lives as artists. One would think from reading Yale publications that Yale alumni fall into one of two »

College Board to stop offering score choice

February 25, 2002 • 0
Alistair Anagnostou ’05 took the SAT II Math IIC test three times, improving his score by more than 100 points. But because Anagnostou had used the score choice option to decide which scores he wanted to release to colleges, as far as the Yale admissions office knew, Anagnostou got only one — very high — »

Ivies ponder recruitment reductions

February 21, 2002 • 0
An Ivy League-wide committee of athletics directors will make a recommendation to the Ivy League presidents this spring about a possible reduction in the number of annual athletics recruits, Yale Athletics Director Tom Beckett said. The decision to examine the policy comes amid a national debate about the role of athletics recruiting in admissions that »

UCS reaches out to diverse student groups

February 20, 2002 • 0
For the past two and a half years, Director of Undergraduate Career Services Philip Jones has been working to bring the career center up to a standard of which he can be proud. Now that he feels he is finally beginning to succeed, he is ready to begin marketing his product. Jones and his staff »

Aid requests hold steady despite sour economy

February 19, 2002 • 1
Despite the current recession, the proportion of Yale applicants who indicated that they will apply for financial aid increased by only one percentage point this year. But financial aid administrators said the sluggish economy could have a greater effect on the number of accepted students who qualify for aid and the amount of aid awarded. »

Grads tell tales of finding their valentines at Yale

February 14, 2002 • 0
Ten years later, Howie Fetner ’96 is sleeping with his freshman year psychology partner. For current lonely undergrads, Howie’s story proves there is still hope for love at Yale. Sometimes it just takes a little while. As Yalies this Valentine’s Day pine away for their unrequited love across the table of their history section or »

Princeton to expand with new college

February 13, 2002 • 0
Staff Reporters Ebay Inc. President and CEO Meg Whitman donated $30 million that will allow Princeton University to construct a new residential college and increase the size of its student body by 500 students. Although there has been talk in the past about Yale building more residential colleges and expanding the size of its student »

Council ensures that seniors go out in style

February 12, 2002 • 0
As seniors dig in for their last semester of thesis writing and job searching, the Senior Class Council is doing its best to make sure their last semester will be remembered as much for good times as for hard work. The council kicked off the semester with a pub crawl, a night at the new »

1993 Yale drop-out linked to Al Qaeda

February 7, 2002 • 0
The name of a Yale dropout was found on a list of recruits in a Kabul house used by a Pakistani group with ties to al Qaeda, The New York Times reported Wednesday. The list included 17 names, among them Hiram Torres, who attended Yale in 1993. The document did not contain the name of »