Lecture series offers law career information

April 21, 2005
With Yale Law School alumni on the United States Supreme Court, holding top government offices and acting as partners in globally-ranked law firms, there is no shortage of prominent alumni to recruit as speakers for current law students. But although high profile speakers and the large crowds they attract are always popular, a new initiative »

Professional schools diverge on TA strike

April 20, 2005
As GESO activists walk the picket lines for the third day, they march without significant support from their peers at Yale’s three largest professional schools. Last week brought public protests from students at the Yale School of Art and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and GESO organizers said this week’s activities have also »

Civil unions bill is unlikely to end debate

April 15, 2005
As the Connecticut legislature moves closer to becoming the first state to pass civil unions for same-sex couples without a court order, a battle is still brewing in the state courts over same-sex marriage. Last August, the gay rights activist group Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders filed Kerrigan & Mock v. Connecticut Department of »

Professor leads crusade against Word’s grammar

April 15, 2005
When professor Sandeep Krishnamurthy collected the term papers from one of his classes at the University of Washington, he was shocked by the egregious errors in one of his students’ papers — so bad that he would not grade the paper. In frustration, he told the student to at least use grammar check next time. »

Law grads gravitate to public work

April 13, 2005
After spending $36,490 a year on their law school educations, come graduation Yale Law students are more likely than those at their peer institutions to practice a type of law that will earn them one-third the amount that they could be earning at a private firm. In most other “top-tier” law schools around the country, »

Thomas’s tie to alma mater remains tense

April 6, 2005
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas LAW ’74 has criss-crossed the country speaking to alumni and students at universities from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va. to the University of Kansas in Lawrence. But in his 14 years on the nation’s high court, Thomas has never once returned to his alma mater — Yale Law »

Yale Law remains number one as criticism of ranking rises

April 5, 2005
Yale Law School will spend 2006 as the number one law school in the country again, while other University graduate and professional schools are ranked among the best in the nation according to the 2006 edition of U.S. News and World Report’s Rankings of America’s Best Graduate Schools. But more and more graduate schools are »

Profs look for order in March Madness

April 4, 2005
While the toughest competition most employees face in March Madness office pools comes from die-hard college basketball fans, professors and staff at the Yale School of Management must contend with something else entirely — colleagues who are not only fans, but the brains behind a mathematical model for predicting the winners. As Illinois prepares to »

Law School reports stats on admissions

March 25, 2005
As admissions officers once again pour over this year’s thousands of applications to the Yale Law School, they say the volume of students applying for the class of 2009 is almost identical to last year’s — a finding consistent with national trends that show law school admissions numbers, after several years of increases, reaching a »

Law students join hearings

March 23, 2005
When a national committee that sets procedural rules for federal courts held a series of public hearings this February in Washington D.C., joining the lawyers and other professionals who offered testimony were five first-year Yale Law School students. The hearings were held in response to a controversial proposal that would limit the ability of parties »

SOM hosts Kazakhstan leaders

March 22, 2005
When a delegation of distinguished government leaders from Kazakhstan made a trip to the United States earlier this month, they were not headed to the White House. Instead they arrived in New Haven for an executive training program at the Yale School of Management. In response to a request from Kazakhstan officials, SOM administrators created »

Seminar to talk gay marriage

March 4, 2005
Just over a year ago, two Yale Law School students were married in San Francisco weeks after the city began granting same-sex marriage licenses. This year, the relevance and importance of the issue piqued the interest of some of their classmates, who went on to organize a same-sex marriage symposium at the Law School, which »