Two air conditioners, the stage and the floor were damaged during move-out at Rudy’s. An inspector has concluded the damage was “beyond reasonable expectations.”

New restaurant to take over old Rudy’s lot

September 22, 2010 • 4
Now that Rudy’s Bar and Grill has left its 76-year Elm Street lot for a new spot on Chapel Street,a similar joint will claim its former digs by this Thanksgiving if the owners of next-door neighbor Main Garden get their way. A representative of Main Garden, who requested anonymity to discuss the plans, whose landlord, »

Chen: Taking the time to travel

September 17, 2010 • 0
There’s this idea that travel should be about having adventures. Travel should provide, as Tatsuya Ishida once philosophized, “NEW EXPERIENCES! LIFE-AFFIRMING SOUL-STIRRING EXPERIENCES!” This is what I was looking for when I set off this summer to traipse for 45 days around China’s lonely grasslands, meditative lakes and daring cliffs. But my travel — despite »