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BELDING AND HAMID: Why divest from the occupation

February 8, 2013
We see the aim of the campaign as narrow — all of the targeted companies aid in human rights violations perpetrated by the Israeli occupation.

BELDING: Stand up for Muslims’ rights

February 20, 2012
When the president and vice president of the Yale Muslim Students Association wrote their op-ed last week (“Fighting Islamophobia at Yale,” Feb. 17), they had reason to expect that like any other Yale students, they would be able to express their opinions freely without fear of reprisal. But recently revealed evidence that the New York »

BELDING: People are subjects, not objects

November 2, 2011
Shaun Tan, with his flippant use of word “objectification” (“For more objectification”), is right on exactly one count: that the way we talk about sexual objectification of women has become too detached and ambiguous for its full impact to be felt. To start, let us remind ourselves of what objectification of women really means. It »