Gordon: Turning grading into growing

April 15, 2011
At Yale, our grades have many purposes: they reward us, terrify us and sometimes surprise us. But for all that letter grades do, they do not achieve the central mission of our education. They do not teach. I sat down with my transcript and tried to answer some practical questions about my growth as a »

Extein, Gonzalez, Gordon, Moreno and Spencer: Internships worth saving

We’ll never forget our summer as Bulldogs in the Big Easy. We spent over two months working at challenging jobs, making new friends in a college dorm environment, and exploring the greatest American city we’d never seen before. And while most of us won’t be back in New Orleans next summer, we think you should »

Gordon: The battle is far from over

October 19, 2010
You’ve already heard about DKE. We all know that a group of pledges stained our community with disturbing, painful language. I, along with the vast majority of the Yale student body, believe that this was wrong; the Women’s Center believes that this was wrong; the brothers of DKE know that this was wrong. You’ve probably »

Gordon: Picking our next president

April 15, 2010
The good news about Yale College Council election season is that it generates ideas. The bad news is that you’ve already heard them all. Ultimately, what’s important is that the candidate you elect can implement the ideas you care about. The evaluation of the Committee on Yale College Education report is the most important thing »