Acrylic art recognized in exhibit

October 5, 2010
Oil paint is made formix media and small, glossy Windsor-brand paint tubes. It blends easily and dries slowly. Some say it is naturally more vibrant than acrylic, giving it romantic connotations, auras.William de Kooning, a defining painter of modern art, declared, “Flesh was the reason oil paint was invented.” Wellthen, is there anything acrylic paint »

Avner: Jerez deconstructs ’50s sleuth novels

September 28, 2010
“The Case of the Spectator,” part of No Boundaries — a series of global performances presented by the Yale Repertory Theatre and the World Performance Project — went up last weekend at the Iseman Theater in Green Hall. The performance begins with one woman (Maria Jerez), who sits with her back to the audience in »