Staff get creative with budget cuts

April 7, 2009 • 7
Yale may have a shortage of money, but there is no shortage of ideas on how to save. Department heads across the University are in the midst of searching for ways to meet the 7.5 percent cuts in personnel and non-personnel spending. Some layoffs are inevitable, but most personnel reductions being made by leaving open »

Science Hill bridge to be reconstructed

April 6, 2009 • 555
The trek up Science Hill is about to get even longer. The Prospect Street Bridge will be closed for about a year starting this summer for repairs, severing the main access route to Science Hill from central campus. The $3.5 million project, which rounds out a trio of embattled bridge replacements, will take place in »

Plans for Morse, Stiles revealed

April 3, 2009 • 15
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Morsels and Stilesians crowded into the dark and cramped Stiles common room Thursday for a glimpse at a brighter, sleeker future.Despite a freeze on nearly all other campus construction, the $150 million renovation of Morse and Ezra Stiles colleges are set to move »

Briefly: Columbia ups undergraduate enrollment

March 27, 2009 • 0
To save money, Columbia University will add 50 undergraduates and reduce the number of its doctoral candidates by 10 percent. The increased enrollment is expected to add about $1 million in net tuition revenue after the costs of the additional students are taken into account. Reducing graduate students saves money because they are enrolled in »

On the ground: Yalies lend a hand in Mexico

March 23, 2009 • 1
MONTERREY, Mexico — Stranded in the mountains on the outskirts of industrialized Monterrey is a sprawling slum called Alianza Reál. The shantytown is home to 40,000 Mexicans, most of them displaced persons. Ten thousand children attend school in a building no larger than Connecticut Hall. They live without plumbing or sanitation. The nicest homes are »

Briefly: News from spring break

State assembly kills bill regarding Catholic Church oversight In light of concerns over its constitutionality, state legislators killed a bill in the General Assembly that would force the Catholic Church to give lay leaders more control over parish finances. Senate Bill 1098, known as An Act Modifying Corporate Laws Relating to Certain Religious Corporations, drew »

From prison to the Elm City

March 6, 2009 • 10
An unmarked burgundy van turned off Whalley Avenue and rolled slowly into a secluded parking lot. There was nothing about it that gave away its function, except perhaps the steel mesh behind the black tinted windows. Nor were its passengers dressed in orange jumpsuits. Escorted by two uniformed marshals, three men in baggy heather-gray sweat »

Yale ups tuition by $1.5k

March 4, 2009 • 11
As of July, Yale will no longer be the cheapest school in the Ivy League. Tuition, room and board expenses for Yale College students will increase 3.3 percent, to $47,500 from $46,000, for the next academic year, University officials announced Tuesday. The moderate rise is in line with Yale’s recent cost hikes and also with »

Univ. justifies investment strategies

March 4, 2009 • 0
The stewards of the University’s endowment stood by their investment strategy in an annual report released Tuesday. The report on the endowment, published yearly in the spring, provides a comprehensive account of how Yale’s endowment was invested during fiscal year 2008. Because of the current economic turmoil, the report includes an unprecedented update on the »

Up to 300 will be fired

March 2, 2009 • 17
New projections on staff attrition indicate that as many as 300 employees could be laid off as Yale copes with the economic downturn, though administrators said Friday that the University will double severance benefits for those who lose their jobs in the next six months. The grim economic outlook has forced the University to cut »

Departments to cut costs

March 2, 2009 • 1
Braving the gravest financial straits in recent memory, planning for next year’s budget has officially begun. In a memo to all deans, directors and department heads Friday, Provost Peter Salovey and Vice President for Finance and Business Operations Shauna King laid out the cost-cutting measures that will bear on managers as they begin planning their »

Briefly: Cornell to let faculty shrink to save money

March 2, 2009 • 0
Cornell University’s faculty will be allowed to shrink over the next three years through regular turnover as the school reduces searches and appointments in order to save money. The provost, Kent Fuchs, said he would appoint a special task force to set priorities amid belt-tightening. Cornell’s move contrasts cost-cutting measures at its peers, which have »